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Minor Acarana Multiple Numbers

When there is more than one of the same number Minor Arcana cards it has a bearing on the reading. This is what multiples mean in Love Tarot readings:
4 Tens
Responsibilities are weighing heavily on you or your partner
3 Tens
Difficult times are coming to an end
4 Nines
Extreme isolation
3 Nines
An important relationship lesson is being successfully integrated
4 Eights
Powerful and rapid changes, usually positive
3 Eights
You and your beloved are going on a trip
4 Sevens
A deeply spiritual relationship
3 Sevens
Good luck
4 Sixes
A soulmate relationship that goes back many incarnations
3 Sixes
Great pleasure
4 Fives
Diversity and flexibility, an ability to go with the flow
3 Fives
Internal and external conflicts, bad luck
4 Fours
Lasting stability, possibly after a house move or moving in together
3 Fours
A house move