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What crop introduced by John Rolfe sparked the Jamestown colony into economic success?

Salutary Neglect

What is the policy followed by Great Britain when they ignored the Navigation Acts on the colonies when the colonists traded with other countries illegally?

New England

What section of the US produced lumber, fish, trade and specialized in shipbuilding?


What section of America is considered the "Bread Colonies"?


What is the policy in which colonies only exist for the good of the mother country?

Stamp Act

What was the first act to place a direct tax on the colonists?

Henry Clay's American System

What was the system that promoted a protective tariff, internal improvements and a federal bank that was opposed by the democrats?

Species Circular

What was used to attack the Second Bank of the United states and made people only allowed to use gold to pay for things, especially land?

Robert Fulton

Who created the first successful steamboat called The Clermont?

Elias Howe

Who patented the sowing machine?

Cyrus McCormick

Who invented the mechanical reaper ?

Populist Party

What is the name of the movement the called for the abolition of national banks, a graduated income tax, direct election of senators, civil service reform, set workday hours, and government control of railroads, telegraphs and telegrams?

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