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IELTS Topic Specific Vocabulary

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Violent offender
The violent offender was arrested and taken to jail.
Ultimate goal
The runner's ultimate goal was to win the race.
Small confines
The puppy was placed in small confines so he would not use the bathroom in his cage.
Cell blocks
The cell blocks of the prison held inmates of all shapes and sizes.
General populaton
She was very smart compared to the knowledge of the general population.
Social contact
The toddler needed more social contact with other toddlers in order to learn how to share and be kind.
Disruptive behavior
I was kicked out of the classroom for my loud antics and disruptive behavior.
Emergency response
The girl collapsed on the floor and we dialed 999 for the emergency response team.
Correctional facility
The purpose of the correctional facility was to try and teach prisoners to behave better and be less violent.
Brute force
We had to use brute force to open the rusty door.
Training academy
The soldier had to go through a training academy in order to become part of the Army.
Internal politics
The school's internal politics involving finding a new principal caused the faculty to fight with one another.
Controversial component
The issue of electing a woman president has become a big controversial component in the 2016 election.
Intimidation technique
The school bully used an intimidation technique of
Safe environment
The church provided a safe environment for members who were feeling threatened at home.
Political issue
There are many political issues in America such as women's rights and immigration.
Climate crisis
The climate crisis is a huge problem today, because temperatures are rising and the ice caps are melting.
Global warming
Global warming is causing polar bears in the north and deep south to die.
Green consumer
Becoming a green consumer can help fix the climate crisis in the world.
Carbon emissions
Reducing our carbon emissions can slow down the effects of global warming on our planet.
Historical average
The temperatures have risen and beaten the historical average.
Current levels
The current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are dangerously high.
Carbon footprint
Every person must reduce their carbon footprint by mindfully treating the environment better.
Climate solutions
There are many climate solutions that can help our planet, but we all must do our part to make a change.
Highly skilled
There are too many highly skilled people and not enough jobs for these people to fill.
Qualified graduates
Many qualified graduates find themselves without work, because the job market does not need them.
Increased education
Many qualified graduates find themselves without work, because the job market does not need them.
Job requirements
The job requirements for companies have become more extensive in order to differentiate between recent graduates.
Company policies
Company policies usually require new employees to have ample experience when coming on board.
Internship experience
Internship experience is one of the most common requirements for new graduates looking for work.
Job field
The job fields that many graduates are seeking jobs in already have enough workers.
Working world
The working world is hard to enter as a graduate when you do not have a unique and extensive resume.
Unemployment problem
The unemployment problem for recent graduates is growing because more people are graduating and there are less jobs becoming available.
Feminist history
Many women discuss feminist theory and the differences in why women are oppressed the way they are.
Gender equality
Many women discuss feminist theory and the differences in why women are oppressed the way they are.
Equal pay
Men and women do not always receive equal pay in the workplace even when they are doing the same work.
Balancing responsibilities
Some men believe that women have trouble balancing responsibilities involving the home and the workplace and therefore cannot do both things.
Empower women
We must empower women to achieve their goals no matter how big they are in order to see gender equality succeed.
Affirmative action
Affirmative action involves choosing someone for a job based on their race or gender as opposed to their skills alone.
Male entitlement
Male entitlement is a problem in today's society because men have been raised to think they are in control of everything.
Patriarchal society
Many countries in the world revolve around the idea of a patriarchal society where the male leads the household and make the decisions.
Equally beneficial
Gender equality proves to be equally beneficial to both men and women in the long run.
Performance enhancing
Many athletes use performance enhancing drugs to do better in sports.
Record improved
Many students saw that their behavior record improved when they started to behave better.
Competitive sports
Americans love watching competitive sports because they are inherently competitive.
Average body
The average body weight for a 5 foot female is 105 pounds.
Ultra-endurance sports force humans to work their hardest for as long as possible.
Specialized bodies
Tall people have specialized bodies for the sport of basketball.
Financial incentives
Many athletes take steroids because performing better provides financial incentives.
Athletic performance
Athletic performance varies between people and is based on body type and experience.
Energy efficient
It is most energy efficient to eat protein and carbs before playing sports.
Changing genes
Over time, changing genes in humans has caused athletes to perform better.
Different mindset
We have a different mindset today about global warming than we did twenty years ago.
Tearing tendons
Athletes must be careful when lifting weights because tearing tendons is a serious concern.
Human health
Taking drugs and drinking alcohol is not good for human health.
Controversial issue
Global warming is a controversial issue in today's political world.
Modern age
In the modern age, we depend on freezers and packaging to preserve our food.
Business models
A company's business model is important to form goals and succeed.
Economic success
The economic success of our planet is vital to keeping our world clean and sustainable.
Fossil fuels
Coal and oil are two important fossil fuels we use in our society.
Carbon emissions
Our carbon emissions are so high that we are seeing global warming occur.
Urgent decarbonization
We must begin urgent decarbonization in order to bring our carbon levels down and slow down global warming.
Climate change
Climate change is a serious issue that will affect generations to come.
Energy crisis
The energy crisis revolves around the idea that when our fossil fuels are used up, we will not have a way to produce energy.
Energy efficiency
We must learn the benefits of energy efficiency so we can use our fossil fuels for as long as possible.