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Copied word for word from Mr. Hazard's test, likely to be this way on the final

This is a nomadic desert tribesman who joined with other tribesmen to begin the settlements from which the Muslim Empire sprung


In arabic, this menas "god"


This city was the original home of Muhammad and became its most holy city


This refers to the migrationin 622 of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib


This is an Islamic house of worship


This means "one who has submitted"


This is the Muslim holy book and is considered to be the true word of God only in its Arabic version


This is Muhammad's example and, as such, is considered the model for living a proper Muslim life


This is the system of law that regulates the family life, moral conduct, buisness life, and community life of Muslims


This is the pilgrimige that each Muslim strives to make at least once in a lifetime


Which prince of Moscow led the Russians to freedom from the Mongols?

Ivan III

Which people attacked and demmolished Kiev?


Which term is the title of the Russian emperor and and is the Russian version of ceasar?


Which group of invaders probably founded Novogrod and later settled in Kiev?


Who created a legal code for Kiev that emphasized and protected property and commerce

Yaroslav the Wise

Under which Kievan ruler did all of the citizens of Kiev convert to Byzantine Christianity


Which Russian prince and military hero advised his fellow princes to cooperate with the Mongols?

Alexander Nevsky

Which people's traditions were combined with those of the Greek Byzantines to provide the foundation for Russian Culture?


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