30 terms

Bible unit 6 final

"God con carne"
Allegorical interpretation
Passages are seen to hae a hidden, spiritual meaning beyond the literal reading.
Represented teh spirit of protest against teh growing power of the hierarchy of the church
A formal break or division within a religious group, often arising from long standing disagreeements
ecumenical councils
Gatherings of church leaders to deal with important issues.
States the the Son was of a different "substance" or "being" from God the Father
Indicates that Jesus Christ was of the SAME essence as God the Father.
"Of LIKE substance"
A government ruled by God
Suggests that the Son is in some way "inferior" to the Father.
Irenaeus was not a disciple of Justin Martyr who was a disciple of Apostle Paul
It is false that because of his alliance with Greek Philosophy, Clement of Alexandria is considered a Gnostic,
It is from Tertullian's 5 books which we learn the most about Marcion's heresies.
The Montanists patterned themselves after the Acts 2 church.
Origen suggested that in the end, even the devil and his demons will be saved.
States that God has alwys been Father, so the Son exists in constant eternity.
Clement of Alexandria
Around 207 AD he became a Montanist
Says that Crhist's work centers on the incarnation.
He calls the Son and the Spirit the "two hands of God"
Clement of Alexandria
He quotes 1500x from the Ot AND 2000X from the NT.
Substance and Person
Two terms Terullian introduced to the church that would continue to be used for centuries,
Contanitine's goal for Constantinople
To be the world's most beautiful city
Arius suggests that Jesus was a created being with this phrase: "There was a time when He was not"
Athanasius was absent for nearly 1/3 of his term as Bishop
Because there were 5 periods of exile
Jehovah's Witness
Another name for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society
Brooklyn, NY
Current headquarters of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (Jehovah's Witnesses)
To set up organization
Russell explained Christ's second coming in 1914
3 Ways Jehovah's Witnesses Isolate themselves
1. Do not believe in Christmas or pledge to the flag. 2. Deny the incarnation of Jesus. 3. Deny the resurrection of Jesus.
3 Ways Jehovah's Witnesses conflict with Christianity
1. There is no trinity, only one Jehovah God 2. People won't go to heaven, there will be paradise on earth. 3. Believe that only a certain number of people are allocated to heaven.
Why is it impossible to offer a Jehovah's Witness any hope of heaven
They believe heaven is already full - that there were 144,000 slots and these were all fulled up by 1939 (omg, are you serious??!!))