The Bible isn't really a book, its more of a library - a collection of 73 books written over many centuries.
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regional community of believers commonly gathered in parishes under leadership of a bishop.dioceseto make holysanctifyCreativity has no part in my prayer life; the Holy Spirit only wants me to pray in strict prayer forms like "the lords Prayer" or Hail Mary.FalseThe Holy Spirit can help teach me to understand God or my faith.Truethe Holy Spirit can help me to pray, but only if we allow the Spirit to help.truefor St. Paul, life in the Spirit is like a preview of Heaven, life with God.TrueIn Judaism and Christianity, the Apocalypse refers too:The final triumph of good over evilAll paul all the time?Paul used to persecute Christians, his name was Saul. He was a Pharisee. A Jew from Tarsus and well educated. He preached to everyone but mostly Gentiles. His selling points talked about Jesus miracles, healings, death, and resurrection another selling point was how Christians lived which was sharing food, and wealth also there was no distinction between rich and poor. The disciples didn't think he was one of them and he was stoned.From Paul's perspective...He had to change from persecuting Jesus followers to being one of them. He had been called by God to preach about Jesus. He had to reach as many people as possible with the truth about Jesus.St Paul was fromTarsusWhen Paul preached he...tried to use terms and images that his audience could relate to.Which of these is true about Paul?When he did preach to Jews, he focused primarily on using O.T. references and prophecies.After his conversion experience, Paul went to the seashore to contemplate this experience and figure out what to do.falseOn one of his less successful mission trips Paul stoned, almost to death.TrueThe First Christian community outside of Jerusalem is in Antioch.TrueSaint Paul emphasized that all his strength and authority was due to his college education and upbringing.FalseThe first time we meet Saul/Paul in the Acts of the Apostles, he is persecuting Jesus followers.TrueSaints are an important part of the Catholic church. NAme 3 specific things the saints offer us. Please name all 3- then pick 1 of the 3, explain it and then tell why it is important to you?The saints are the faces of Jesus in the world Saints are models of holiness even as imperfect people, they encourage us with their examples of how to live Saints can intercede for us.The earthly structure of the Church exists for the sole purpose of making the members:HolyThe holiness of the Church is real, but...imperfectWhat are the four marks?One, Holy, Apostolic, CatholicAn official presentation of the faithcreedThe free gift of God's presence in my lifegraceAny teaching central to a religiondogmaA change of heart away from sin towards God.conversiona major break that causes divisionschismAll church members except those who are ordainedlaitySuccessors to the ApostlesBishopsThe term apostolic means to be founded in the lives of the 12 Apostles.TrueLove is at the heart of holinessTrueEach and every saint honored by the Catholic Church was perfect model of how to be human.TrueThe Church embraces everyone, especially sinners.TrueThe Church honors Mary above all other saints.TrueThe Laity does not have any responsibility to spread the Kingdom of God- only the priests and bishops should do this.TrueThere is no diversity in the Church; everyone and everything is uniform.FalseA person who lives a solitary life to commit fully to prayerhermita substitute or agent for someone elsevicarThe line of authority in the Church, successors to the Apostles.Hierarchyto care for and serve others and help the Church to fulfill its missionministryto listen for God's call to in order to distinguish between various choices.discernmenta state of life marked by the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience.consecrated lifea call from God to embrace a life of holinessvocationunder the papal leadership, the central administration of the whole ChurchHoly Seesomeone who withdraws from ordinary life, alone or in community, to be totally dedicated to God.monkSomething that is not overtly religioussecularAll members of the Church are equal in _____ but are called different roles and ministries.dignityThe Church comprises two distinct but interconnected groups: the ______ and the laity.hierarchyA Deacon can be a_______.a married or single Catholic man.Like any good organization, the Church needs clear and well-defined_______.leadershipDeacons are ordained by ______ for their ministry and service to the Church and the World.a bishop________ are entrusted with the care of a specific parish community, work in a diocesan ministry, or sometimes both.PriestsFamily can be thought of as the most basic level of Church. It is sometimes called______.the domestic churchWhat is a servant leader and named 3 steps or components the make a servant leader. Name and briefly explain 3 steps then explain why servant leadership is important in Christianity?The three components are service, attitude, and commitment. Service means serving or helping people who need it most. Atittude means you have to want to help. Commitment means commiting to Gods call. servant leadership is important because it helps better our community and better our faith.A primary way laypeople participate in Christ's mission is through our work.trueThe Christian family is usually the first and best teacher of values and charity.truePoliticians and other civil leaders have a responsibility to work for the common good, peace, and justice in society.trueParents are the first example of the faith their children see.truethe laity has no role in governing the Church.falseWe can function as prophets through our words but not our actions.falseOffering prayer and good works for the needs of others is a way we participate in the priesthood of Jesus.TrueAnyone baptized in the Catholic Church is baptized as________.priest, prophet, and king.