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successful living

Proverbs is Judaism's (guidebook) to....

everything under the sun/ lifelong search for happiness

the key phrase to Ecclesiastes is...


How many Psalms did David write?

devotional Jewish

Psalms was the manual and guide for the ________ life of _______ believers


Solomon was given the name _______ by Nathan the prophet


Which book is titled "the preacher" in Hebrew?


The central feature of Hebrew poetry is...

Song of Praise

The Hebrew title of Psalms is..


The book of Psalms is divided into __ groups


From the Shulammite, Solomon learned the beauty of ________ love.

Ecclesiastes 12:13

Which verse speaks of the whole duty of man

Proverbs 1:17

Which verse speaks of the beginning of knowledge?


Ecclesiastes is a review of Solomon's life long search for ....

Song of Solomon

Which of the books never mention the name of God?


He was killed by his chariot commander while he was drunk...


How many times did Elijah send his servant to check for rain

small voice/ Holy Spirit

What convinced Elijah to leave his hiding place when Jezebel was after him..

king of Tyre-Hiram

When he began to build the temple, Solomon made a pact with...


How many dynasties did Israel have?


How many years of history do the book of kings cover?


He led the rebuilding of the Jerusalem wall


He tried to have the Jews in Babylon killed

Proverbs 31

Which chapter of Proverbs is written in a Hebrew alphabet acrostic form?


Ecclesiastes shows the ____of life based on earthly ambitions.


She was the disposed queen of Persia


What chapter of Proverbs is written in Hebrew alphabet acrostic form

advantages/ futility

Ecclesiastes shows the _______ of life bases on earthly ambitions

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