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Nursing Test 2

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-Asking Personal Questions
"Why dont you and John get married"
(How would you describe your relationship with John)

-Giving Personal Opinions
"If I were you, I'd put your mother in a nursing home."
(I can't recommend that you stop taking medication because of your side effects, but I'd be happy to inform you r primary care provider and ask if a change in medication is appropriate)

-Changing the Subject
"Lets not talk about your problems with the insurance company, its time for a walk"
(After your walk lets talk more about whats going on with the insurance)

-Automatic responses
"Older adults are always confused"

-False Reassurance
"Don't worry everything will be alright."
(It must be difficult not knowing what the surgeon will find. What can I do to help)

"I am so sorry about your mastectomy; you probably feel devastated."
(The lost of a breast is a major change. Do you feel comfortable talking about how this will effect your life?)

-Asking for explanations
"Why are you so anxious"
(you seem worried whats on your mind)

-Approval or Disapproval
"You should't even think about assisted suicide; It's not right"
(I'm surprised that you're considering assisted suicide. Tell me more about it.)

-Defensive responses
"No one here will intensionally lie to you"
(You believe that people are dishonest to you. It must be hard to trust anyone)

-Passive or aggressive responses
"Things are bad and there is nothing I can do about it""Things are bad and it's all your fault"

"How can you say you didn't sleep when I heard you snoring all night long?"
(You feel like you didn't get any rest last night, even though I thought you slept well since I heard you snoring?"