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chapter 5/1

4500 years ago
when did mohenjo daro devlop
a sewer system large buildings and a big wall had a good infostruture BC
what to mohenjo daro have
2500 BC 1600
when did the indus valley civilization grow
around 1500 bc
when did the indus valley civilazation start to come to a end
for more than 1,000 years
how long did the ayrans rule
is social group into which people are born into and wich they can not change
the ability to move from on social class to another
social mobility
new religion
what did the ayrans bring
is one of the worlds most living religons it has no one single founder it worships many Gods but all of the Gods have the same spirt
what is hinduism
devolped in india the founder was a prince named siddhurtha
what is buddism
china tibet korea and japan
where did buddism spread through
chandragupta and asoka
who was the mauryan empire leader
what religon did asoka convert to
320 to about 550 ad
when did the gupta empire rule
because of bad leader ship
why did they collapsed
large temples
what did the gupta empire build
who was the mugal leader
let people worship freely
and what did akbar do
shah jahan and the tajmahal
who was akbars grand son and what did he build