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The Yerkes-Dodson law states that

performance is best when there is a moderate amount of arousal.

When your body is deprived of something, a(n) _____ is created that arouses the body; that arousal is a(n) _____.

need; drive

The hormone that is responsible for sugars being stored in cells as fat and carbohydrates is called

The hormone that is responsible for sugars being stored in cells as fat and carbohydrates is called

Which of the following is a key determinant of a person's set point?

the number of fat cells in the person's body

Which of the following statements about gender differences in sexual behavior is TRUE?

The sexual attitudes of both men and women are strongly influenced by cultural norms.

The end of the sexual response pattern is

the resolution phase.

Which of the following needs must be met first, according to Maslow?


Ethan feels that he is able to make his own decisions and direct his life in the way he chooses. According to self-determination theory, Ethan is high in


Edward has a job that does not pay well but is personally meaningful. Lisa, on the other hand, has a job that pays well but that bores her. What would the research on motivation predict?

Edward will be happier and perform better because he has high intrinsic motivation.

Which of the following goals will a person likely be most successful at completing?

running 3.5 miles twice a week for the next two weeks

The word affect refers to


Chloe has just gotten on a roller coaster. As the car ascends the slope for the first big plunge, she feels fear and anticipation. She notices that her heart rate has increased, that her palms are sweating, and that she feels "butterflies" in her stomach. According to the James-Lange theory, Chloe's emotional response to the roller coaster is because

the stimulus of the roller coaster has caused a physiological change; she has interpreted this change as the emotions of fear and anticipation.

What brain structure plays a crucial role in fear?

the amygdala

Which of the following statements is most consistent with the two-factor theory of emotion?

Physiological arousal can be interpreted in different ways, resulting in different emotions.

What does the primacy debate have to say about the relationship between emotion and cognition?

Some emotions occur first, followed by thoughts; some thoughts occur first, followed by emotions.

Research on the facial feedback hypothesis provides support for which theory of emotion?

James-Lange theory

Cultural norms that dictate the appropriate expression of emotion are called

display rules.

The two-dimensional approach to emotion states that

emotions can be classified as positive affect or negative affect.

What does research show about the relationship between employees' happiness and their productivity?

What does research show about the relationship between employees' happiness and their productivity?

Being able to successfully recover from negative life events is known as


Which of the following is NOT a way to increase your own happiness?

acquiring material goods

When people are happy, they are able to amass other resources, such as improving physical health, exploring new hobbies, and strengthening social relationships. Such phenomena are explained by

the broaden-and-build model.

What is the correct order of stages in the human sexual response pattern?

excitement, plateau, orgasm, resolution

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