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Theology I: Chapter 7: The Gospel of John: Jesus the Word of God

The Gospel of John was written for ___________ who were expelled from _________ after the Jewish Revolt in 66-70 AD.
Jewish-Christians; synagogues
This persecution caused some of the Christians from the local Church to leave Palestine and emigrate to ________. ________ converts to Christianity were also in this community as well as _______________.
Ephesus; Samaritan; Gentile Christians
Unlike Mark the story teller, Matthew the teacher, or Luke the historian, the evangelist of John's Gospel is much more interested in _______.
John stresses three things about Jesus' identity. List them. a. _____ of God b. the unique _____ of the Father c. _____ of the world
revealer; son; Savior
When was John's Gospel composed?
between AD 90-100
John's Gospel differs in many ways from the synoptic Gospels. Give five. a. We find new characters like _________, Lazarus, a man born blind, and a __________ woman. b. Jesus attends _____ Passover festivals, not one c. makes __________ to Jerusalem for various festivals d. no mentions of diabolic possession e. Jesus' teaching usually takes the form of long __________, not sayings or parables
Nicodemus; Samaritan; three; several trips; discourses
Some of the seven signs the Gospel records are found in the synoptics, but unique to John are three miracles. List them. a. changing water into wine at ______ b. the cure of a man ________. c. raising of _______
Cana; born blind; Lazarus
As to the identity of the author, in approximately AD 180, the Church Father Irenaeus attributed the fourth gospel to John, the "___________" of the Lord.
Beloved Disciple
Church tradition identifies this John as one of the apostles. His brother ______ was also an apostle; their father was a man by the name of _________.
James; Zebedee
T or F: In the ancient world, authorship was attributed to the one who actually wrote it. _________ was given more to the one who __________ the work than to the one who actually wrote it.
False; Authorship; inspired
A solid tradition places John in _______ where he likely gathered around him a community of followers. These _______ took John's testimony, the story goes, meditated on his ______, concerns of their own local ______.
Ethesus; disciples; words; church
List the four part outline of John. a. Prologue: "Word made flesh" b. Part 1: Book of _____ c. Part 2: Book of _____ d. Epilogue: Appearances in ________
Signs; Glory; Galilee
Identify the key themes of John's Gospel: a. ______. look to the signs Jesus performs and believe. b. _________. This is the basic fact of Christian faith. c. ____________. Jesus promised the Paraclete who would guide, comfort, and counsel Christians. d. Jesus Christ, Word of God, Son of God. He is the revealer and the revealed. As God's unique son, both _________ and ________, only he can reveal the father fully. e. Love. This shows i through service and his ________________ = refers to Jesus' _______, Death, and __________
Faith; Resurrection; Holy Spirit; fully God; fully man; Paschal mystery; Passion; Resurrection
__________ is the study of Jesus Christ; that is, trying to understand who he is
John's Gospel strongly stresses what three aspects of Jesus' identity a. Jesus' heavenly origins b. his fundamental identity as the __________ c. his preexistence as the ___________
Son of God; Word of God
Explain the meaning of logos in the Old Testament. "The _____ of God" referred to creation, the Law, God's revelation through the prophets, and his close presence among his people. God creates through his ______.
word; Word
"The Word of God" also symbolized God's _________, a personification for one of God's important attributes.
Word of God also meant something to Gentiles immersed in Greek philosophy. What did it mean to: Stoic philosophers - the Logos was the _________ principle (or "soul") that held the world together.
WRITE OUT What is the climax of the prologue? WRITE OUT the verse.
John 1:14; "And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us, and we saw his glory, the glory as of the Father's only son, full of grace and truth."
For John, "Son of Man" is not simply a title of a mere human being like all others. It is a title to describe a unique _______, a go-between for Heaven and earth.
Which title for Jesus is a direct connection to the name Yahweh?
"I am"
Jesus gives true life, eternal life. By receiving him in the Eucharist, he lives in us.
Bread of Life
Jesus is the beacon of truth who points us to his Father.
Light of the World
Jesus has power over death. Belief in him leads to eternal life.
The Resurrection and Life
This summarizes the Word's purpose for joining us; he is the way to God; he proclaims the truth of salvation; he bestows on us eternal life.
Way, Truth, Life
This portion of John's Gospel is called the Book of Signs because it is organized around _______ miracles. In contrast to the synoptic Gospels which describe miracles as "acts of power" (dynamis in Greek) that help establish the Kingdom of God. John uses either the word ergon (_____) or semeion (_______) to describe Jesus' miracles.
seven; work; sign
The Old Testament refers to the words of God and the signs of God. Explain the meaning of each of these terms. Work - expresses the divine perspective on what is ____________ and so it is a fitting description for Jesus himself to apply to his miracles. Sign- what is _______ by the miracle to those who can see beyond.
accomplished; revealed
This nature miracle, performed at the beginning of Jesus' public ministry at the _______________, is the _____ public event where Jesus reveals his glory, leading his disciples to believe in him.
wedding at Cana; first
What two things do weddings symbolize? a. ________ in this world b. Messianic ________ in God's kingdom
new life; banquet
Mary has a unique role in this miracle. What did this miracle reveal about Mary's role? Mary is a perfect model of _____. Just as Jesus heeded her request to perform this sign, we believe that she will also _________ for us when we make a request of her.
faith; intercede
On another level, Jesus' providing wine for the wedding represents the richness of the wisdom and revelation he brings from God, thus fulfilling Old Testament prophecies of ___________ when the Messiah comes
flowing wine
Catholics interpreted water in this miracles as a symbol of _________ waters that purifies us while the wine can signify the __________ which brings us spiritual life - communion with Jesus, the Lord.
baptismal; Eucharist
What is the second sign? ______________ This sign teaches that faith in Jesus can rescue us from spiritual ______. It also teaches the power of ____________ prayer.
cure of the official's son; death; intercessory
What is the third sign? healing a man on the Sabbath who was lame for 38 years. The point of this third sign is that Jesus is the source of ______.
For evangelist, the term "Jews" represents those who persist in _______________ Jesus and who are persecuting the ______________. The term "Jews" also symbolizes anyone who stubbornly refuses to accept Jesus and who engages in lifeless religious practices.
not accepting; Jewish Christians
In no way should we extend __________ for Jesus' Death to all Jews of Jesus' time or Jews of different times and places
What two miracles parallel the Exodus miracles of ______ in the desert and the ________ of the Red Sea? a. The Feeding of 5000 b. Walking on Water
manna; parting
Explain how the Old Testament events parallel the miracles. Jesus has replaced the ______ of the Exodus, He is the new bread God has given to them, their ______ of eternal life. "______" is very similar to the name God revealed to Moses - Yahweh - which means "____"
manna; source; It is I; I am
What is the sixth sign? the cure of a blind man. This sign contrasts a blind man who was given his sign and those who had sight yet were ________ blind.
What is the most important miracle in John's Gospel?
raising of Lazarus
Caiaphas, the high priest, utters one of the great ironical statements in John's Gospel. Write out his statement. - "It is better for you that one man should die, __________, so that the whole nation may not perish.
for the people
In John's Gospel, identify the day he reports the Last Supper to have taken place. Why is this day significant? The day on which the Jews killed the lambs for the _____________, The Jews scarified lambs to recall Yahweh's releasing of the Israelites from _______ in Egypt. Jesus is the ___________ whose sacrifice on the cross has freed all people from the ______ of sin.
Passover meal; slavery; Lamb of God; slavery
The Catechism teaches that "sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of the ___________ are one single sacrifice.
Jesus began the meal with a profound act of humility. He, the Master, washed the feet of his disciples to show his followers to be humble _________ required to perform.
Nothing exemplifies the glory of Jesus and his Father as does the resurrection, the ___________ of our salvation.
central event
The lesson of this resurrection appearance is this: ______ and ______ are the keys to discipleship
faith; love
What event symbolized the leadership role of Peter? the faster running disciple steps aside to allow Peter to enter the tomb ______.
It is not until Jesus appeared to them on the evening of the resurrection that the disciples would know for themselves that the Lord was _______.
Jesus ________ on them, signifying the giving of the Holy Spirit, and instructed them to _______________ in his name.
breathed; forgive sins
When Thomas saw Jesus, he acknowledged his divinity, "My ______ and my ______" the highest proclamation of faith in Jesus made in any of the Gospels.
Lord; God
The resurrection stories agree on six essential points. List them. a. The resurrection took place early in the morning on the _____ day of the week. b. Women were present at the tomb, most certainly including ________________. c. The stone had been rooled away and the tomb was _______. d. A messenger or messengers were at the tomb; they told the women to _______ the disciples about what had taken place. e. Jesus apears to his ___________ f. Jesus prepares his disciples for his __________ and the descent of the ________.
first; Mary Magdalene; empty; inform; disciples; ascension; Spirit
There are accompanying essential beliefs about the resurrection, including the following 3 points. a. The resurrection proves Jesus' claims to be __________. b. The resurrection, follwoing Jesus' sacrifice on the cross, accomplished our _______. c. While Jesus' death frees us from sin, his resurrection gives us new life, justifies us in God's grace, and ________ us into the divine family.
God's Son; salvation; adopts
WRITE OUT Jesus gives a new commandment:
"Love one another. As I have loved you, so you also should love one another. This is how all will now that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (Jn 13:34-35)