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Northwest Ordinance
Dealt with westward migration of Americans, set standards for state entry into the US, no slaves allowed
President Thomas Jefferson
Purchased the Louisiana territory from the French
Louisiana Purchase
Lands west of the Mississippi River, purchased by Jefferson from French
Lewis and Clark
commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to explore the Louisiana territory
Erie Canal
Connects the Great Lakes to Atlantic Ocean, aids in growth of New York, makes trade cheaper/ easier
New York City
Once the capital, turned into a booming economic center, leading city in America at the time
Roads began to be built west, barges on rivers, canals built
Monroe Doctrine
The US would prevent any European nation from trying to recapture any American countries
Industrial Revolution
transformation from purely agrarian society to a modern industrial/commercial economy.
Eli Whitney
developed the cotton gin/ interchangeable parts to the musket
Manifest Destiny
belief that Americans divinely favored to expand and settle the western part of North America
Temperance Movement
the movement put forth to drink less alcohol in the Americas.
the movement to put an end to slavery. Several ideas: transport back to Africa, emancipate immediately, gain rights through legal and political means.
Public school
Horace Mann advocated for free public education for all children, essentially our model for today
Women's Suffrage
Women's right to vote