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Annual percentage yield (APY)
the actual interest rate an account pays per year, calculated the same way by all banks.
a written promise to pay a debt by a specified date
Certificate of deposit (CD)
a deposit in a savings institution that earns a fixed interest rate for a specified period of time.
portion of a company's profits paid to the owners
Money market account
a deposit for which the interest rate changes over time as interest rates in the economy change.
Savings and loan association
a financial institution that specializes in lending money to buy homes.
Savings bonds
U.S. government bonds issued for amounts of $50 to $10,000
Annual percentage rate(APR)
the finance charge calculated as a percentage of the amount borrowed.
the value of what you own, including savings, investment, and property.
property pledged to back a loan
Cosign a loan
a contractual agreement to pay a debt if the borrower does not pay it.
ability to borrow money in return for a promise of future payment.
Credit rating
a measure of your creditworthiness, often computed as a numerical score, using the FICO system to analyze your credit history.
Finance charge
the total amount a borrower must pay for a loan.
Installment loan
a loan to be repaid in a certain number of payments with a certain interest rate.
Credit history
a record of your past borrowing and repayments.
Measure of the amount of energy a food will supply.
Sugars and starches that break down quickly to provide energy to the body.
substance found in animal fat that can build up in your blood vessels and cause heats disease
Daily value
Amount of each nutrient that the human body needs each day
Chemical substance in food that your body needs to function properly
Weighing above you ideal body weight by more than 20 percent.
Nutrient that helps the body build and repair cells and that also supplies energy.
Measure of the amount of food that you would probably eat during one meal or snack.
Unit price
Price of one standard unit of a product.