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How does penelope choose a husband

shoot an arrow through axes

what does telemachus(his son)think odyysey is

a begger

how does telemachus react to the reunion

happy relieved

antinous treats oddy

very harsh

antinous treats him like that why

he think hes a begger

oddy tells penelope his wife what

hes alive(but as a begger)

oddy doesnt reveal his identity becuase

his wife will worry

oddy kills


was the fight fair

no he shoot him before anything happened

euymachus offers oddy what to calm him

oxen and money

telelmachus sees oddy as

the defendor of the town

oddy and telel machus defeat what

the suitors

penelopes attitude towards oddy is


how does penelope know oddy says who he is

he is just as he was before

during oddys long absence penelope handles the problem with suitors how

ignores them

how does oddy handle this problem

he kills them all

is this way to handle the problem appropriate

yes because they tried to destroy but was a harsh punsihment

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