20 terms

VTO group 3 2017-2018: Classroom language

You need to go to the toilet.
Can/may I go to the toilet, please?
You don't know what to do for next lesson.
Do we have homework for next lesson, sir?
It's hot or smelly in the classroom.
It's hot in here. Could we open a window?
You want to know how well you did on a task.
Sir, what mark do I have?
You didn't hear what the teacher said.
Could you repeat that, please?
You need help.
Sir, can you help me, please?
You want to know if you can use your iPad.
Sir, can I use my iPad for this?
You want to know what time it is.
What time is it?
You want to know how a word is spelled.
How do you spell that, sir?
You are hungry.
Can we eat something, sir?
You are thirsty.
Can we drink something, sir?
You don't understand something.
I don't understand, sir. Can you say that again?
You are not feeling well.
Sir, I am not feeling well. Can I go home, please?
You are late. What do you say?
I'm sorry for being late, sir.
You want to know where in the book/on the iPad we are.
Sir, can you tell me where we are?
You are finished early.
Sir, what can we do when we are done?
You need something from your locker.
Sir, can I go get something from my locker?
You want to know why something is important.
Why is this important?
Someone does something nice for you. What do you say?
Thank you.
Someone says "Thank you" to you. What do you say?
You're welcome!