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Captive/Exclusive agent

This is an agent who only represents one company and is a paid salary, a commission, or both.

Independent agent

This agent represents more than one insurer and more than one company.

Medical Information Bureau (MIB)

This is a centralized information center into which insurers pour information gleaned from applications and claims.

Insurance agent

An insurance agent is a representative of an insurance company in soliciting policyholders and servicing policies.

Insurance broker

A broker is any person who transacts insurance on behalf of clients with insurance companies, other than life insurance. Brokers cannot legally bind insurance and the broker represents the insured and not the insurer.

Insurance solicitor

An insurance solicitor is an employee of an agent who solicits applications from prospective insureds.

Managing General Agent (MGA)

The MGA can be any person, firm, association, partnership, or corporation that manages all or part of an insurer's business.


An administrator collects charges or premiums from residents of California in connection with life or health insurance coverage or annuities.

Fire and casualty licensee

A fire and casualty licensee is someone authorized to act as an insurance agent, broker, or solicitor for products such as, but not limited to, auto, residential property, flood, earthquake, and liability.

Personal Lines licensee

A personal lines licensee is a person authorized to act as an insurance agent, broker, or solicitor for the same products as a fire and casualty except for commercial insurance products, 24 hour care coverage, disability insurance, and Long-term care insurance.

Insurance adjuster

An insurance adjuster is a person, other than a private investigator, who engages in the business of making an investigation for the purpose of obtaining information in the course of adjusting or participating in the disposal of any claim in connection with a policy of insurance or who engages in soliciting insurance adjustment business.

Public Insurance Adjuster

A public insurance adjuster is a person who is compensated for acting on behalf of an insured in negotiating the settlement of a claim or damage under any policy of insurance covering real or personal property.

Surplus Line and Special Surplus Line broker

Surplus Lines and Special Surplus Lines brokers are appointed by non-admitted carriers to market and sell the products of these carriers.

Life Agent (Life Only and Accidental and Health Agent)

A life agent is any person authorized by and on behalf of a life, disability, or life and disability insurer to transact life, disability, or life and disability insurance.

Life and Disability Analyst

A "life and disability insurance analyst" is a person who, for a fee or compensation of any kind, offers advice on a life or disability insurance contract.

Limited Lines Automobile Licensee

A limited lines automobile licensee is a person authorized to act as an insurance agent for automobile insurance products only.

Credit Insurance Licensee

A credit insurance agent license permits a business to sell credit insurance and receive a commission without having to be licensed as a life agent and/or property and casualty broker-agent.


Solicitation is the act of someone who tries to sell insurance to another.


This is a dialogue intended to produce an agreement upon a sell of an insurance policy.


These are the steps carried out in order to make an insurance contract legally valid.


This is an agreement between an insurer and the insured to transfer risk for payment.


This is the document in which the applicant states facts and answers questions regarding the insurance he/she wants to purchase.


A binder is a temporary contract (usually 30 days) between the insurer and the applicant, giving coverage to the applicant until the policy is issued.

Errors and Omissions Insurance

This is a type of liability insurance for non-medical professionals that pays for losses or the defense of lawsuits that might be filed against them.

Non-admitted insurer

An insurance company that is not authorized to do business in California is a non-admitted or unauthorized insurer.

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