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  1. motive
  2. hyperbole
  3. theme
  4. Naturalism
  5. foil
  1. a reasons for a character acting a certain way.
  2. b someone who serves as a contrast or challenge to another character
  3. c underlying idea of a work
  4. d literary movement in late 19th early 20th century, determinism
  5. e exaggeration

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  1. 18th century philosophical movement, reason,
  2. clever, metaphor, elaborate comparison
  3. selection and arrangement of words in a literary work, 4 types
  4. comparison USING like or as
  5. character duplicated, opposite personalities, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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  1. romanticismage of reason, revival of attitudes and style in classic literature.


  2. point of viewvantage point of story


  3. figure of speechvantage point of story


  4. total effectfinal, overall impression, left to the reader


  5. climaxthe highest point; the greatest moment or event, turning point