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  1. symbol
  2. plot
  3. tragic flaw
  4. satire
  5. epiphany
  1. a literary tone used to make fun of human vice or weakness
  2. b sudden perceptions (moment of understanding)
  3. c leads to downfall, usually hubris, pride
  4. d stands for an idea
  5. e everything that happens in a story, novel, or play

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  1. vantage point of story
  2. narrative technique that characters represents abstract things, message or lessons
  3. picture aroused in mind, words that summon a image
  4. selection and arrangement of words in a literary work, 4 types
  5. reoccurring theme

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  1. allusionselection and arrangement of words in a literary work, 4 types


  2. romanticismage of reason, revival of attitudes and style in classic literature.


  3. total effectclash of purposes, in novel, story, and PLAY.


  4. stylemanner of writing


  5. stream of consciousnessthoughts and feelings of writer recorded as they occur


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