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  1. conceit
  2. characterization
  3. hyperbole
  4. image
  5. symbol
  1. a the process by which the writer reveals the personality of a character
  2. b stands for an idea
  3. c picture aroused in mind, words that summon a image
  4. d exaggeration
  5. e clever, metaphor, elaborate comparison

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  1. American philosophical and religious movement, 1835
  2. favors the imagination, emotions, and individual originality
  3. someone who serves as a contrast or challenge to another character
  4. reference to familiar literary person or event
  5. using a word or phrase to mean the exact opposite of its literal meaning, dramatic, verbal

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  1. epiphanysudden perceptions (moment of understanding)


  2. metaphora feeling of sympathetic pity, also the qualities in a literary work that cause such a feeling


  3. antagonistworking against hero


  4. stream of consciousnessvantage point of story


  5. satirereasons for a character acting a certain way.