The Demarcation Problem

Main Problem
whats the difference between science and nonscience
The Falsification Criterion: basic points
1. each scientific theory consists of some general statements
2. the general statements entail that under certain conditions, certain observable events will occur
3.we can test to see if predicted observation is true of false
4.theories can be rational to believe on basis of experience because they are empirically testable
problems for falsification criterion
1.adding theories can save a hypothesis
2.some cases of obvious nonscience can pass
3. cant test laws on unknown planets/places
successful science: basic idea
no single criterion for scientific theory
traits of a scientific theory
1.bundles of hypotheses are tested by their observable consequences
2.independently testable hypotheses
4. fecundity
independently testable hypotheses
hypotheses introduced to explain result must be tested independent of the cases they were introduced
small number of problem solving strategies, for a large number of cases
theory opens us to new and profitable lines of investigation