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what clonus is always pathological

transient, upper

what clonus suggests an underlying ____ motor neuron lesion but may be normal if there is no asymmetry


are muscle stretch reflexes of help in the examination of newborns?

patellar, biceps, brachioradialis, ankle, triceps, 6

in newborns ____ reflex is consistently present, ____&_____ reflexes are often elicited as brief responses, but this is not invariably so. the ___ reflex is generally not elicited in the newborn period, but appears shortly thereafter, and the ___ reflex is the last to appear, but is consistently elicited by the __th month

unilateral hyperreflexia

what results from a unilateral lesion anywhere along the corticospinal tract, most commonly in the cerebral hemispheres or brainstem

bilateral hyperreflexia

what occures more commonly in myelopathy, but may also occure with bilateral cerebral hemisphere or brainstem involvement

cervical spine myelopathy

in _____, a normal jaw jerk reflex in the setting of brisk bilateral limb reflexes help localize the site of pathology to the cervical spinal cord

symmetric 3+ reflexes

what along with an otherwise normal neurological examination (and noncontributory history) is typically benign

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