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Proportions Word Problems #1


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Sam purchased 5 t-shirts for $15.50. If Sam purchased 12 shirts, they would cost Sam $___.
2.72 trailers
A trailer hold 1469 shingles. How many trailers would you need to hold 4000 shingles? Remember to use units; in this case, trailers.
75 times
The crank pedals of a bike go around 4 times to drive the back wheel of the bike around 14 times. How many times would the rear wheel go around if the crank pedals went around 20 times?
350 inches
If 1 step is 7" high, how high would 50 steps be?
You purchased 1.75 pounds of hamburger for $3.95. You have $12.00 to spend on hamburger. You can buy about ____ pounds.
The ratio of boys to girls going on the field trip is 9:8. If there are 96 girls going, how many boys will be going on the field trip?
You planted a total of 25 flowers and 15 of them were red roses. If you planted 60 flowers, about how many would be red roses?
32 or 33
On last Monday's test 49 students received a passing score out of 60 students. If only 40 students took the test, about how many would have a passing score?
Danville received 10 inches of snow in 3 weeks. Danville could expect ___ inches in 15 weeks?
Jan saved $215.00 in 15 months. If she continues saving at the same rate, she could save $___ in 2 years?