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Egypt united by Menes

3100 BC

Indus Valley civilization

c. 2500-1500 BC.

Moses lived

1525-1405 BC

Exodus [probable date]

1445 (or 1446) BC

Hinduism begins

c. 1400 BC

Trojan War

c.1250 BC

Fall of Troy

c. 1250 BC

King David reigns over all Israel

1011-971 BC

Life of Homer (begins)

c. 800 BC

Romulus and Remus

753 BC.

Israel in captivity

722 BC

Assyria conquered

612 BC.

King Nebuchadnezzar

605-562 BC

Judah into captivity

597-539 BC.

Buddha (lives and establishes Buddhism)

560-483 BC

Rome becomes a Republic

509 BC

Greek Classical Age

c. 500-336 BC

Battles in Thermopylae and Salamis

480 BC

Twelve Roman Tablets Published [basis of Roman law]

450 BC.

Peloponnesian Wars

431-404 BC

Greek Hellenistic Age

323-31 BC.

Alexander the Great dies

323 BC

Pyrrhic Wars

280-272 BC

Unification of China

221 BC

Second Punic War

218-202 BC

Third Punic War

149-146 BC


73-71 BC.

Julius Caesar assassinated

44 BC

Octavian Augustus rules

29 BC-14 AD

Pax Romana

29 BC.- 80 AD.

Rome destroyed by fire [Christians blamed]

64 AD.

Titus destroys Jerusalem

70 AD

Hadrian's Wall

120s AD.

Maya Classical Period

250-900 AD

Constantine I

306-337 AD

Fall of Rome

476 AD

Seth born

Genesis 4

The Flood

Genesis 6-8

Tower of Babel

Genesis 11

Sargon ruled the first empire (in Mesopotamia)

2270-2215 BC

Call of Abram

Genesis 12

Birth of Ishmael

Genesis 16

Abraham is circumcised

Genesis 17

Birth of Isaac

Genesis 21

Abraham sacrifices Isaac

Genesis 22

Jacob wrestles with God

Genesis 32

Joseph thrown in jail

Genesis 39-41

Israel (Jacob) goes to Egypt

Genesis 46

Greek Dark Ages

c. 1100-800 BC

Time of the Judges (probable dates)

c. 1375-1059 BC

Confucius lives & teaches in China

c. 551-479 BC

Greek Bronze Age

c. 2900-1100 BC

Saul becomes king over Israel (probable date)

c. 1050 BC

Lao-Tzu founds Taoism

c. 600 BC

Hammurabi rules in Mesopotamia

1792-1750 BC

Cyrus, King of Persia, frees the Jews to return home

539 BC

Reign of Cyrus the Great (Persia)

559-529 BC

Persian Wars begin

530's BC

The Age of Pericles

443-429 BC

First Olympic Games

776 BC

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