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Causes of the American Revolution-Mrs. Mullin-AEW Middle School


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1. How was the Stamp Act different than the Sugar Act in the way it taxed the colonists?
The Stamp Act taxed the colonists directly, but the Sugar Act taxed goods at the port
List different ways the colonists protested
Burned stamp paper
Organized groups such as the Sons of Liberty
Attacks on customs officials
Petitioned the king
A boycott on goods
The Boston Massacre was
Deadly riot between colonist and British troops stationed in Boston
What did the colonist call the Coercive Acts?
The Intolerable Acts
List examples of protests against the tea tax that took place in the colonies
Colonists boycotted British tea
Colonist let crates of tea rot on the docks
Colonists blocked ships from landing which were carrying tea
The Boston Tea Party
Who suffered immense criticism for defending the Redcoats in court when they were on trial for murder in the Boston Massacre?
John Adams
How did the minutemen get their name?
They had to be ready for battle in a minutes notice
The Battle of Ticonderoga was important for the following reasons:
Colonists were victorious
Colonists gained confidence
Colonists gained artillery and cannons that led to victory in Boston
Who was chosen as the General of the Continental Army?
George Washington
Whose philosophy is the Declaration of Independence based on?
John Locke
Why were the men who signed the Declaration of Independence at risk of a death sentence?
It was considered treason, a crime punishable by death
The Proclamation of 1763 stated colonist could not settle lands west of the Appalachian Mountains. In what ways did the colonists react to the Proclamation of 1763?
Ignored the law
Went west anyway
Were greatly angered
All of the following are types of legal protest:
A parade/march
Social Media Messages
A boycott
A strike
A peaceful demonstration
A petition
As colonial protests got more out of control, what was the British response to try to control the colonists?
Send more troops
How did the King punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party?
Passed the Coercive Acts
What famous saying represents colonists feelings on not having a voice or a say in the British Parliament?
"No taxation without representation!"
This law announced that Parliament had supreme authority to govern the colonies.
The Declaratory Act
What is the term given to a military force that is raised from the civilian population to fill in for a regular army?
In which meeting did delegates from the colonies vote to ban trade with Britain and begin training troops?
First Continental Congress
What document was the colonist last attempt at peace and fair treatment?
The Olive Branch Petition
Who was the author of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson
The term UNALIENABLE RIGHTS is famously used in the Declaration of Independence. What is the meaning of this term?
People have basic rights that the government can not take away
Who claimed victory at The Battle of Bunker Hill?
Both the British and the colonists
What was the King's reaction to the Olive Branch Petition?
He rejected it
At what formal colonial meet was it decided to form the Continental Army and start printing paper money?
The Second Continental Congress