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Chapter 6 for the final... Bill this is getting ridiculous. Just sayin.

eukaryotic cell

"true kernel"; complex; has nucleus and organelles

prokaryotic cell

"before kernel"; simple; no nucleus or organelles; ex. bacteria


prokaryotic region where DNA exists

plasma membrane

most important cell component; selectively permeable; phospholipid bilayer


46 are contained in nuclei; long molecules of DNA wrapped around histone proteins


unwound DNA during interphase

endomembrane system

comprised of nuclear envelope, endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, lysosomes, vacuoles, vesicles, and the cell membrane

smooth ER

endoplasmic reticulum with no ribosomes

rough ER

endoplasmic reticulum with ribosomes dotting the surface

transport vesicles

move molecules between locations inside the cell

golgi apparatus

package materials for "shipping"


using vesicles to bring things in to the cell


using vesicles to export things from the cell


digest food particles to use energy in the cell; central compartment in plant cell is used for osmoregulation


ATP is produced here; 2nd part of cell respiration takes place here; "power house" of the cell


in plant cells where photosynthesis takes place


flat, membranous discs where light reactions take place in chloroplasts; contain chlorophyll


stacks of thylakoids


dense inner fluid of chloroplasts

cell wall

only in plant cells; protects the cell

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