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Study Guide: Causes of the Revolution

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Which British policy prohibited colonists from moving west of the Appalachian Mountains?
The Proclamation of 1763.
Who was the Sugar Act meant to punish?
Why did colonists view the Sugar Act as a violation of their rights? Be specific.
As they were still technically British citizens, colonists argued that they had the rights listed in British law, in this case those rights being trial by jury and innocence until guilt is proven. The Sugar Act, they said, violated those rights because it allowed British officials to confiscate goods and search their homes at any time.
Court document allowing customs officers to enter any location to search for smuggled goods
A writ of assistance.
To refuse to buy item in order to show disapproval or force acceptance of one's terms
To boycott.
To cancel an act or law
To repeal.
Which British policy taxed almost all printed materials in the colonies?
The Stamp Act.
What did colonists resent MOST about the Stamp Act?
The colonists believed that only their own colonial assemblies could tax them despite being a part of Britain, and so hated that the mainland had decided their taxes.
Describe the colonial reaction to the Stamp Act.
The reaction to the Stamp Act was incredibly violent, with people taking to the streets and burning effigies of tax collectors. The colonies then decided to oppose Britain's new resolution, collecting together too send a statement to the king echoing the views of the colonists.
What was the name of the group of colonial women who urged colonists to boycott British goods and wear homemade fabrics rather than buying fabric made in Britain?
The Daughters of Liberty.
How did colonial leaders use the Boston Massacre killings?
Colonial leaders used the news and used it against Britain, portraying the Boston Massacare as a reason to revolt against British rule.
Ideas or information intentionally spread to harm or help a cause
What was the purpose of a committee of correspondence?
A group used to protest, circulating calls to action against Britain.
When did the Boston Tea Party take place?
December 16, 1773.
What is the name of the group that carried out the Boston Tea Party?
The Boston Sons of Liberty.
Briefly describe the events of the Boston Tea Party.
Members of the Sons of Liberty, disguised as Native Americans, boarded three tea ships and threw over 300 cases of the drink overboard.
Name for the acts passed by the British government following the Boston Tea Party meant to punish the citizens of Boston.
The Coercive Acts
Why was the Continental Congress formed?
Delegates wished to create a political body that would both represent Americans and challenge British control.
Which Virginian's words "Give me liberty or give me death!" became a rallying cry for the American independence movement?
Patrick Henry.
Name for colonists who remained loyal to Britain.
Name for colonists who wanted to fight for American independence.
What was the purpose of the Olive Branch Petition?
To ask the king for protection of colonists' rights, assuring him that they only wanted peace.
How did King George III react to the Olive Branch Petition?
He openly rejected it, instead preparing for war against the Patriots.
Author of Common Sense
Thomas Paine
Who was on the committee to draft the Declaration of Independence?
John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Livingston, and Roger Sherman.
However, who was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence?
Thomas Jefferson