Excel Chapter 3

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Which of the following is the path to the Zoom button?

625, 600

Which of the following patterns extends the fill series to 575, 550, 525?

use Excel to creathe the worksheet

With a solid understanding of the requirements document, an understanding of the necessary decisions, and a sketch of the worksheet, the next step is to______.

Range Finder

You can ensure correctness in your formulas by carefully checking them using _______.


You can press the ______ keys to open the Format Cells dialog box.


You should use a ______ chart to show the realationship or proportion of parts to a whole.


A data stamp shows the date a workbook, report, or other document was created or the period it represents.


A nested IF function is one in which the action to be taken for the true or false case includes yet another IF function.


A relative cell reference instructs Excel to adjust the cell reference as it copies it to the destination area.


Changing the order of sheets in a workbook allows you to postition the most important worksheet first.


Excel includes four types of Sparkline charts: Line, Column, Win/Lose, and Stock.


If worksheet, column, and row titles are frozen above and to the left of cell B13, B13 can be selected by pressing CTRL+HOME.


If you click a 3-D Pie chart so that all of the slices are selected, you can drag one of the slices to explode it, leaving the remaining slices unexploded.


If you drag the fill handle to the left or up, Excel will increment the series rather than decrement the series.


In the accompanying figure, the formula in cell B14 contains an absolute reference.


In the accompanying figure, worksheet titles are frozen above and to the left of cell B13.


Many Ribbon commands, galleries, and shortcut keys function together as toggles or switches.


Rotated text also allows you to fit more text into a smaller column width.


Studies have shown that more than 25 percent of all business worksheets have errors.


The <= comparison operator means less than or equal to.


The Increase Indent Button indents the contents of a cell to the right by three spaces each time you click it.


The NETWORKDAYS function checks a formula for correctness.


The path to the Logical button is (Formulas tab| Function Library Group).


The range of entries that determines the size of the slices in a Pie chart is called the category names.


The syntax of the IF function is IF(logical_test(, vale_if_false, value_if_true).


When you change a value on which a chart is dependent, Excel immediately redraws the chart based on the new value.


When you magnify a worksheet, Excel enlarges the view of the characters on the screen and displays more rows and columns.


When you rest the mouse pointer over a chart item, such as the legend, Excel displays a chart tip containing the name of the item.


With a three-dimensional chart, you can change the view to better show the section of the chart you are trying to emphasize.


You can nest IF functions as deep as you want, but after you get beyond a nest of three IF functions, the logic becomes difficult to follow.


You can select nonadjacent cells using the SHIFT key.

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