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G6- SS ch3


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Paleolithic Shelter
caves and tents
Neolithic shelter
mud mixed with stone and tree broviches, more stable
Paleolithic time tools
Paleolithic age
- Old stone age
- hunters and gatherers
Neolithic time tools
Neolithic age
- New stone age
- began with farming
Paleolithic Communities
lived in groups of 20 to 60people who wandered from place to place.
Neolithic communities
larger, more permanent communities, different jobs, more efficient, defend themselves easier.
Paleolithic time Jobs
finding food for survival (hunted and gathered)
Neolithic time jobs
weavers, basket makers, traders, tool makers, were good at jobs because they did only one thing
Paleolithic Food supply
hunted and gathered food supply wasn't stable
Neolithic food supply
domesticated animals and far
Paleolithic Trade
rarely traded
Neolithic trade
traveled 100s of miles to trade, traded for resources they didn't have, spread knowledge and ideas.