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Software secretly installed on networked computers that tracks and transmits personal data without your knowledge or permission
Common forms include computer viruses, trojan horses and worms
Used by commercial website vendors to identifiy users and customize web pages
Displays unwanted ads in banners
Computer taken over by hackers to perform malicious tasks
Security feature often built into operating systems
a strong password
a unique name you create to identify yourself to a computer system
Method used to verify the identity of computer users
A high level of encryption for wireless devices
Computer - Computer Generator
2nd-IBM 1401
3rd-DEC minicomputer
4th-Personal Computer
if you have a tower unit, you have a ____ computer
can be as powerful as a desktop computer
small flat computer you can use as a writing or drawing pad
includes the same features as other mobile devices plus phone capabilities
Applications that are stored on and run from removable storage devices like CDs, DVDs, or flash drives.
Applications that are installed on your computer's hard drive
Applications that run on smartphones and tablet computers
Applications that you access over the Internet
font type
this defines what text characters look like
text effect
shadowing and reflection are examples of this
font size
What you need to change to make words appear bigger on the page
The document formatting feature you use to make paragraphs line up with the left side of the page
line spacing
You adjust this to control the amount of white space in between rows of text
A worksheet is made up of _____ organized in a grid of rows and columns.
cell address
A _______ describes the location of a cell based on its column and row location.
The ______ of a worksheet defines its appearance.
absolute reference
A(n) _________ refers to a fixed cell location that never changes.
Rows are typically represented by _______ and contain data for individual records.
All of the fields for a single database entry
A data retrieval tool that finds specified data within a database
A data entry tool you use to input data into a database
The display format that you choose when working with a database object on the screen
A collection of records
Type of malware that spreads without human interaction, sending itself out to everyone in your address book
type of malware that is spread when you distribute infected files, especially as e-mail attachments
spyware 2
Type of malware that collects bits of data, like your surfing habits
A slowed down Wi-Fi connection can be the result of this
Scam that looks like a genuine message or Web site, but tries to get you to reveal sensitive information
Indication that a Web site is secure for shopping.
phishing 2
E-mails that might appear to come from your bank or credit card company, asking you for e-mail logon or personal information.
electronic wallet
One secure method of online payment.
misspelled company name
Indication that a Web site is not secure
money transfer
Online payment method to avoid.
Causes of RSIs
Swiping, tapping, or pinching a tablet, or clicking and dragging a mouse repetitively
causes of headaches and eye strain
Straining to read at an awkward angle or viewing a screen for too long
relieves eye and neck strain
Having eyes even with the top third of a monitor
app that reminds you to take a break
A way to relieve overall stress on body and break up workflow
signs of internet addiction
Excessive use of gaming, video, research and surfing, texting, blogging, social networking, and shopping, coupled with the inability to stop
Type of file containing instructions that tell your computer how to perform specific tasks
A named collection of data on a storage medium such as a hard disk or USB flash drive
The file format that an application can always open
Part of a file name that usually reflects the file format
file size
A property indicating how much data a file contains
Components of an online profile
Details about an individual that are combined from online and offline behaviors, including comments, postings, likes and shares, and online coupons
report abuse quickly
First step to take when being cyberbullied or cyberstalked
A set of online communication practices and rules
identity theft
The nation's fastest growing crime, where victims are unaware it's being committed until the damage is done
driver's license, birth certificate
Items an identity thief can obtain to impersonate you
A Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document
The first graphical Web browser released in 1993
cookie 2
Small text file that a Web page stores on your computer to identify you.
Used to access Web pages on your mobile computing device, and specially designed for small screens
The list of Web pages your browser maintains of your Web visits during specified periods of time.
private browsing
Mode for surfing the Web without leaving history, temporary Internet files, or cookies.
Hacking a server to re-route traffic to a fake Web site to obtain your personal information.
A search engine returns a list of these, which are links to Web pages that match your search criteria.
search engine
A Web crawler, an indexer, a database, and a query processor are all components of this.
search site
A Web site like that is designed specifically to help you find information on the Web
web master
This person can manually submit a URL to a search engine.
meta keywords
These are descriptive data and words entered into the header section of a Web page when it's created.
cloud, online
Words that refer to storage on the Internet
one drive
A host site that provides Microsoft Office Web apps and cloud storage
google earth
A mapping application that might require you to download additional software
Example of Web app referred to as online reference software.
productivity apps
Web apps that help you accomplish specific tasks such as creating a document or presentation.
e-commerce model where businesses provide goods and services to individuals
e commerce sites sell this to generate income
occurs when you click a pop up or banner advertisement on a web site and go to the advertisers web site
email forwarding
C2C web sites typically use this to connect buyers with sellers and still protect everybodys privacy
A standard protocol for securing credit card transactions over the Internet
Email Communications Process
1)your email program uses your internet connection to send your message to your e-mail server
2)the email server determines the best route for the message and sends it to the first in a series of routers along that path
3)The router sends the message to the recipient's email server
4)the email server stores the message into the recipients mailbox
5)recipient checks for messages, and the email server transfers the message to his or her email program
An audio file distributed through downloads or feeds.
A type of Web page that a group of people can comment on and make changes to.
an informal web site of time-stamped articles written in a journal format
If you sending an e-mail message from your laptop to a classmate, the laptop is the source.
social network
A Web site where members share interests, ideas, and information.
Steps for using an RSS feed in IE
1. You click a Subscribe link on the Web page. 2 Internet Explorer lists the feed in the Favorites Center. 3 ' You click the Feeds button. 4 Internet Explorer displays the Feeds button in orange. 5. You click a bold feed name in the Favorites Centert o display I.