Computer literacy (part 2)


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When you choose a _______ installation you only install selected features, rather than all of the features associated with a software program
A software __________ replaces small sections of existing software code with new, improved code to add enhancements or fix problems.
A set of instructions that tells a computer what to do, how to do it and where to send the results or output is called________
The most important preinstalled software is the ______ software that allows you to use the computer the first time you turn it on.
programming language
Software is written by software developers using computer readable code called
An end-user license agreement, or ____, grants one user the right to use the software.
Intellectual ______ is the legal term for ownership of intangible assets such as ideas, art, music, movies, and software.
The illegal copying and distribution of copyrighted software is known as ____.
For downloaded software, the details of the software license usually appear during ____.
____ technologies help to fight software piracy and prevent unauthorized copying of digital content.
software distributed free of charge via the internet where the developer retains the software rights
public domain
software whose ownership rights are public property and which is available to anyone at no cost
custom 2
software designed to meet the unique needs of an organization or business
web apps
type of software where some apps are free, some require a one time registration fee and some require a periodic subscription charge
open source
copyrighted software, such as Linux, that is typically distributed free of charge and can be customized
shadows and light
You must add _____ to a 2-D object to convert it to 3-D, in addition to defining the texture of each surface of the object.
includes support for creating and displaying animation and is being used by Apple on its iPhone, iPad and other products
One way to create a solid 3-D image is to apply highlights and shadows to a wireframe drawing in a process called _____.
Because they are bitmap images, _____ files are larger than most animations created in Adobe Flash.
real time
In an online computer game, each frame that contains animation is producing that animation while you're playing, or in _____.
Types include flatbed, sheet-fed, pen, and handheld
Used by architects, scientists, interior designers, and engineers to create highly detailed and technically accurate drawings
A Web site where you can download graphics and photos for a fee
The clarity or sharpness of an image
When TIFF, PNG, and GIF files can be compressed so the files contain all of their original data when uncompressed
video compression
The moving Pictures Experts Group (MPEG) is a popular standard.
Graphics that help a viewer know when one scene ends and another begins are called ________.
Streaming media known as _____ is stored on the provider's server, which allows you to lay the media multiple times.
media player
To watch video on a computer, you need special hardware plus software known as a _______.
A ________ is technology used to compress/decompress video files.
Trend where telecommuters often take their own computing devices when they go into the office
Type of manufacturing where workers use computers on the shop floor to order parts from the warehouse to assemble a custom product
Type of communication where a company's computers can monitor assembly lines and equipment to keep them running safely and efficiently
Trend where doctors and nurses typically use smartphones and tablets to access electronic patient records
System where instructors set up Web-based training sites for students to check their progress in a course and take practice tests
t or f
before donating a computer you should use a program to wipe the hard disk to remove all of its data
t or f
manufacturers are making an effort to build energy-efficient computers and use recyclable cases and packaging
t or f
refilling ink and toner cartridges unfortunately consumes more energy than manufacturing new ones.
t or f
one reason to move to a paperless society is that printers are becoming prohibitively expensive
t or f
energy vampire devices draw power even when they are turned off or in standby mode
smartscreen filter
A way to adjust security settings offered by Internet Explorer
A type of fraudulent e-mail that typically contains misspellings and dire warnings
The process used to verify or identify computer users
Using physical features such as fingerprints, facial recognition, and retinal scans to verify a person's identity
Using text messages to get you to download a mobile app that steals your information