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Bayonet Forceps

manufactured in different lengths, smooth-tipped, us to inser packing in or remove objects from nose/ear


metal probe; in catheter, needle of tube; help equipment pass into body


Opening or widening the circumference of a body orifice

Splinter forceps

fine tip for foreign object retrieval


used to search for foreign bodies in a wound

towel forceps

have very sharp hooks

silver nitrate stick

control epistaxis

transfer forceps

used to arrange items on a sterile tray

Littauer stich or suture scissors

blade has beak or hook to slide under sutures

mosquito forceps

are small (4 ins) used to clamp small blood vessels or tissues


used to hold tissue away from the surgical incision to better expose the surgical site

Nasal specula

valves can be spread to facilitate viewing

Needle holders

jaws are shorter and look stronger than hemostat jaws


vasconstricting, used with anesthetics to limit bleeding

nylon suture

strong, nonabsorbent and highly elastic


a body cavity or canal that is in its normal open position; during surgery

penrose drain

placed in a wound at the end of a surgical procedure to drain excess fluid from the site


surgical needle that comes packaged with suture material attached to it


used to dilate or open a body orifice


resemble gears; can be locked into position

allis tissue

come in different lengths; used to grasp tissue, muscles or skin surrounding a wound


originally designed to stop bleeding or to clamp vessels cut during surgery


scraped with surgical instrument


abnormal, tubelike connection between internal organs; complication of surgery


localized collection of pus that causes tissue destruction

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