The ____ involves collecting information about an organization's objectives, its technical architecture, and its information security environment
____ is a simple planning tool
If the task is to write firewall specifications for the preparation of a(n) ____, the planner would note that the deliverable is a specification document suitable for distribution to vendors.
The date for sending the final RFP to vendors is considered a(n) ____, because it signals that all RFP preparation work is complete.
Tasks or action steps that come after the task at hand are called ____.
A(n) ____, typically prepared in the analysis phase of the SecSDLC, must be reviewed and verified prior to the development of the project plan.
end-of-fiscal-year spend-a-thons
Public organizations often have "____" to spend all their remaining funds before the end of the fiscal year.
negative feedback loop
In the ____ process, measured results are compared to expected results.
direct changeover
Some cases of ____ are simple, such as requiring employees to use a new password beginning on an announced date.
phased implementation
A ____ is usually the best approach to security project implementation
The goal of the ____ is to resolve any pending issues, critique the overall effort of the project, and draw conclusions about how to improve the process for the future.
In a ____ implementation, the entire security system is put in place in a single office, department, or division, and issues that arise are dealt with before expanding to the rest of the organization
The ____ methodology has been used by many organizations, requires that issues be addressed from the general to the specific, and that the focus be on systematic solutions instead of individual problems.
The ____ level of the bull's-eye model establishes the ground rules for the use of all systems and describes what is appropriate and what is inappropriate, it enables all other information security components to function correctly.
The ____ layer of the bull's-eye model includes computers used as servers, desktop computers, and systems used for process control and manufacturing systems.
The ____ layer of the bull's-eye model receives attention last.
Technology ____ guides how frequently technical systems are updated, and how technical updates are approved and funded
process of change
By managing the ____, the organization can reduce unintended consequences by having a process to resolve potential conflict and disruption that uncoordinated change can introduce
All of the above
The Lewin change model consists of ____.
Project managers can reduce resistance to change by involving employees in the project plan. In systems development, this is referred to as ____.