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World War 1 and the 20th Century


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World War 1
land full of ditched from the war
JUNE 28, 1914
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sophie set out on their motorcade in Sarajevo on the morning of the assassination,
What Countries declared war in one month
Austria-Hungry, Germany, Great Britain, Kingdom of Serbia, Japan, Russia, France
One can only see smoke, fire and spurting earth...not a trace of a trench left...
We sink down, dazed...upon the tortured earth. A new day breaks more horrible than the last
Men die of mud, as they die from bullets
Mud hides the stripes of rank. There are only poor suffering beasts
Hell is not fire
Hell is mud...We were annihilated...
Architecture & recovery
Creation of the Free Plan
"I believe history will record the 20th century as a period when man's (his word) propensity to decorate was temporarily suspended ."
Arthur Drexler
Cities that have grown so large that even satellites get to adorn their shapes