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Biology- CH01- Miller & Levine

Use this to learn, study, and review. *indicates related terms that are not listed as vocabulary in textbook.
process whose goal is to understand the natural world
Information obtained through the senses.
A logical interpretation based on prior knowledge and experience; a conclusion one can draw from the presented details
possible explanation or conclusion about some event in nature; proposed solution to a scientific problem
Controlled Experiment
An experiment in which only one variable is manipulated at a time; an experiment with a proper control or control group.
Independent Variable
In an experiment, the condition that is tested because it affects the outcome (results or DV) of the experiment
Dependent Variable
The experimental factor that is being measured as a result; the variable that may change in response to the independent variable
Control Setup (aka Control Group)
part of an experiment that does not contain the variable
Facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observations.
time-tested concept that makes useful and dependable predictions about the natural world
A prejudice or preference that prevents one from being impartial and objective.
Science that seeks to understand the living world; the science of life.
A complex molecule containing the genetic information that makes up the chromosomes.
A change in an organism's surroundings that causes the organism to react
sexual reproduction
A reproductive process that involves two parents that combine their genetic material to produce a new organism, which differs from both parents
asexual reproduction
A reproductive process that involves only one parent and produces offspring that are identical to the parent.
A tendency to maintain a balanced or constant internal state; the regulation of any aspect of body chemistry, such as blood glucose, around a particular level
All of the chemical reactions that occur within an organism.
Consists of all life on Earth and all parts of the Earth in which life exists, including land, water, and the atmosphere.
Scientific Method*
systematic approach to problem solving that involves observation and experimentation
single factor that is isolated and tested in an experiment
Experimental Setup*
part of an experiment that contains the variable being tested
Metric System*
universal system of measurement scaled on the multiples of ten
basic metric unit of length
basic metric unit of volume for liquids
Cubic Centimeter*
basic metric unit of volume for solids; equal to a milliliter
measure of the amount of matter in an object
measure of the pull of gravity on a mass
basic metric unit of mass
Celsius Scale*
metric temperature scale on which water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees

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