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  1. Argus was______ to death by who?
  2. Ares was god of?
  3. Who was Gaea's second husband?
  4. What did Cronus do to his children?
  5. Why didn't Uranus like the Cyclopes?
  1. a war
  2. b bored by Hermes
  3. c swallowed them
  4. d Pontus the seas
  5. e they were ugly

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  1. mother nor father
  2. jealous
  3. eyes
  4. love
  5. the universe

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  1. Who overpowered Uranus? and with what?Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Posiden, Hades


  2. What did Zeus turn Io into?cave on Crete


  3. Who was Eros?Aphrodite's son


  4. Where did Hera plant the golden apple tree that Mother Earth gave them as a wedding present?Zeus threw him off Olympus


  5. Hera was god of?the universe


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