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  1. forced migration
  2. refugee
  3. age distribution
  4. arable land
  5. fecundity
  1. a someone who is forced to move by war, disasters, or fear of government oppression
  2. b land with the potential to be farmed
  3. c the potential reproductive capacity of an individual or population
  4. d the act of forcibly influencing someone to migrate to another place
  5. e the act of allocating a large amount of the population to a certain age

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  1. the statistic that measures the total number of infants born living in a calendar year
  2. a measure of how many babies die during the first 12 months after birth
  3. a group of people who share the same age and sex
  4. a state that has only recently been introduced to manufacturing
  5. the senior part of a population

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  1. net migration ratethe process that occurs when people move up in a hierarchy of locations, with each move to a more advantageous place


  2. personal spacethe amount of space allocated to an individual


  3. agricultural economyan economy based on farming, or earning most of its money from farming


  4. personal consumptionthe amount of resources consumed by an individual


  5. immigrationthe outflow of people from a country


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