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  1. newly industrialized country / NIC
  2. geographic center / centroid
  3. death rate / crude death rate / CDR
  4. step migration
  5. inter-regional migrant / internal migrant
  1. a the statistic that measures the total number of deaths in a calendar year
  2. b a migrant who moves within a country
  3. c a state that has only recently been introduced to manufacturing
  4. d the process that occurs when people move up in a hierarchy of locations, with each move to a more advantageous place
  5. e a country's physical central point

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  1. a factor of a certain place that is attractive to migrants and influences people to immigrate there
  2. a series of technological advancements during the 20th century that made agriculture more efficient and productive
  3. a statistic collected or taken every calendar year
  4. the death of infants and children under the age of five
  5. the act of allocating a large amount of the population to a certain age

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  1. population projectiona prediction of a country's future population


  2. fecunditythe part of the Earth that is inhabited


  3. predictive capabilitythe maximum population size of the species that a place can sustain


  4. demographic transition modelthe total amount of immigrants minus the number of emigrants for every thousand members of the population


  5. more developed country / MDCa state that has only recently been introduced to manufacturing