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  1. demographic transition model
  2. arable land
  3. more developed country / MDC
  4. net migration rate
  5. elder population
  1. a a non-spatial model that uses population data to construct a general model of the growth in population over time
  2. b land with the potential to be farmed
  3. c a country that is higher up on the HDI scale
  4. d the senior part of a population
  5. e the total amount of immigrants minus the number of emigrants for every thousand members of the population

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  1. standard measurement of density - amount of things/people per square unit/mile of distance
  2. number of people per square unit of land with the potential to be farmed
  3. the act of seeking protection of natural and environmental resources
  4. the economic state of a country
  5. a country's physical central point

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  1. population-weighted centroida country's most populated area


  2. population structurethe frequency of people living in an area


  3. carrying capacitythe maximum population size of the species that a place can sustain


  4. service-based economyan economy based on farming, or earning most of its money from farming


  5. immigrationthe outflow of people from a country