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  1. geographic center / centroid
  2. subsistence farming
  3. population projection
  4. infant mortality
  5. emigration
  1. a a country's physical central point
  2. b farming of an area only to support one's family
  3. c the outflow of people from a country
  4. d a measure of how many babies die during the first 12 months after birth
  5. e a prediction of a country's future population

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  1. the average life span of a country's residents
  2. a series of technological advancements during the 20th century that made agriculture more efficient and productive
  3. the ability to map out what a country's attributes will be in the future
  4. a statistic collected or taken every calendar year
  5. a factor of a certain place that is attractive to migrants and influences people to immigrate there

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  1. forced migrationthe act of forcibly influencing someone to migrate to another place


  2. service-based economyan economy based on tertiary industries


  3. population-weighted centroida country's most populated area


  4. demographic equationthe outflow of people from a country


  5. manufacturing-based economyan economy dominated by industrial activity