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  1. Green Revolution
  2. arid region
  3. forced migration
  4. pull factor
  5. feudal political economy
  1. a the act of forcibly influencing someone to migrate to another place
  2. b a factor of a certain place that is attractive to migrants and influences people to immigrate there
  3. c an economy entirely owned and run by the government
  4. d a series of technological advancements during the 20th century that made agriculture more efficient and productive
  5. e a region with a severe lack of water

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  1. the mass expulsion or killing of members of an ethnic or religious group in a society
  2. the amount of space allocated to an individual
  3. land with the potential to be farmed
  4. the movement of a person because of major changes in the course of their life
  5. a country's most populated area

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  1. deindustrializationthe process of removing or reducing industrial capacity or activity in a country or region


  2. more developed country / MDCthe value of all the goods and services produced within a country


  3. infant mortalitythe act of seeking protection of natural and environmental resources


  4. push factora factor of a place that causes people to leave or emigrate


  5. step migrationthe process that occurs when people move up in a hierarchy of locations, with each move to a more advantageous place


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