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  1. subsistence farming
  2. ethnic cleansing
  3. Industrial Revolution
  4. primate city
  5. equilibrium
  1. a the mass expulsion or killing of members of an ethnic or religious group in a society
  2. b the leading city in a country or region that is disproportionately larger than any others
  3. c a system in which all competing influences are balanced
  4. d a period during the 18th and 19th centuries that experienced a huge boom in manufacturing activities
  5. e farming of an area only to support one's family

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  1. movement that has a closed route and is repeated many times
  2. the phenomenon of urban areas shifting from a focus on manufacturing to a focus on service
  3. the potential reproductive capacity of an individual or population
  4. a non-spatial model that uses population data to construct a general model of the growth in population over time
  5. someone who is forced to move by war, disasters, or fear of government oppression

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  1. amnesty programa governmental program that allows illegal immigrants the chance to apply for citizenship


  2. forced migrationthe act of forcibly influencing someone to migrate to another place


  3. total fertility rate / TFRthe estimated number of children per fertile woman


  4. personal spacethe amount of resources consumed by an individual


  5. newly industrialized country / NICa state that has only recently been introduced to manufacturing