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fitness welness

the science of nutrition studies the relationship of
foods to optimal health and performance
faulty nutrition often plays a crucial role in the development and progression of which disease
cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes
according to MyPyramid, daily vegetable consumption is measured in
the recommended amount of fiber intake for adults 50 years and younger is
25 grams per day for women and 38 grams for men
unhealthy fats include
saturated fats
the daily recommended carbohydrage intake is
45-65 percent of total calories
the amount of a nutrient that is estimated to meet the nutrient requirement of half the healthy people in specific age and gender groups is known as the
estimated average requirement
the percen tfat intake for an individual who on a given day consumes 2385 calories with 106 grams of fat is
40 percent of total calories
carbohydrate loading is beneficial for
endurance athletes
osteoporosis is
a crippling disease, more prevalent in women, more prevalent in people who were calcium-deficient at a young age, linked to heavy drinking and smoking
body composition incorporates
a fat component, a non-fat component, percent body fat, lean body mass
recommended body weight can be determined through
body composition analysis
essential fat in women is
12 percent
which of the following is not a technique to assess body fat
body mass index
which of the following sites is used to assess percent body fat according to skinfold thickness in men
which variable is no used to assess percent body fat in women according to girth measurements
waist circumference can be used to
assess risk for disease
an acceptable BMI is between
18.5 and 24.99
the health fitness percent body fat for women of various ages is in the range of
27 to 31 percent
when a previously inactive individual starts an exercise program, the person may
lose weight, gain weight, improve body composition, lose more fat pounds than total weight pounds
during the last decade, the rate of obesity in the US has
increased at an alarming rate
obesity is defined as a body mass index equal to or above
obesity increases the risk for
hypertension, congestive heart failure, atherosclerosis, type 2 diabeties,
tolerable weight is a body weight
that is not ideal but one you can live with
when the body uses protein instead of a combination of fats and carbohydrates as a source of energy
a large amount of weight loss is in the form of water
eating disorders
are characterized by an intense fear of becoming fat, are physical and emotional conditions, almost always require professional help for successful treatment of the disease, are common in societies that encourage thinness
the mechanism that seems to regulate how much a person weighs is known as
the key to maintaining weight loss successfully is
a lifetime physical activity program
the daily amount of physical activity recommended for weight loss purposes is
60-90 minutes
a daily energy expenditure of 300 calories through physical activity is the equivalent of approximately ___pounds of fat per year
cardiorespiratory endurance is determined by
the amount of oxygen the body is able to utilize per minute of physical activity
which of the following is not a benefit of aerobic training
an increase in heart rate at a given workload
the oxygen uptake for a person with an exercise heart rate of 130, a stroke volume of 100, and a avO2 of 10 is
1.3 l/min
the oxygen uptake in ml/kg/min for a person with a VO2 of 2.0 l/min who weighs 60 kilograms is
the step test estimates VO2max according to
the recovery heart rate following the test
an excellent cardiorespiratory fitness rating, in ml/kg/min, for young male adults is about
how many minutes would a person training at 2 l/min have to exercise to burn the equivalent of one pound of fat
the high-intensity cardiorespiratory training zone for a 22-year-old individual with a resting heart rate of 68 bpm is
which of the following activities does not contribute to the development of cardiorespiratory endurance
400-yard dash
the recommended duration for each cardiorespiratory training session is
45-70 minutes
the ability of a muscle to exert submaximal force repeatedly over time is known as
muscular endurance
in older adults, each additional pound of muscle tissue increases resting metabolism by
35 calories
the hand grip strength test is an example of
an isometric test
a 70 percentile rank places an individual in the ___ fitness category
during eccentric muscle contraction
the muscle lengthens as it contracts
the training concept of stating that the demands placed on a system must be increased systematically and progressively over time to cause physiological adaptation is referred to as
the overload principle
a set in strength training refers to
a given number of repetitions
for health fitness, ACSM's recommendation is that a person should perform between
3 and 20 reps max
plyometric training frequently is used to help with performance in
gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, sprinting
the posterior deltoid, rhomboids, and trapezius muscles can be developed with the following exercise
rowing torso
muscular flexibility is defined as
the achievable range of motion at a joint or group of joints without causing injury
good flexibility
promotes healthy muscles and joints, decreases the risk of injury, improves posture, decreases the risk of chronic back pain
plastic elongation means
permanent lengthening of soft tissue
the most significant contributors to loss of flexibility are
sedentary living and lack of physical activity
which of the following is not a mode of stretching
elastic elongation
PNF can help increase
muscular strength, muscular flexibility, muscular endurance, range of motion
in any stretching exercises, the degree of stretch should be
to tightness at the end of the range of motion
when you stretch, hold the final stretch for
15-30 seconds
low-back pain is associated primarily with
improper body mechanics
the following exercise helps stretch the lower back and hamstring muscles
quad stretch
which of the following is not a skill-related fitness component
the ability to quickly and efficiently change body position and direction is known as
the two components of power are
speed and force
diabetics should
not exercise alone, wear a bracelet that identifies their condition, exercise at a low-to-moderate intensity, check blood glucose levels before and after exercise
during pregancy a woman should
accumulate 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most days of the week, exercise between "fairly light" and "somewhat hard," avoid exercising at an altitude above 6000 feet
during exercise in the heat, drinking about a cup of cool water every___ minutes seems to be ideal to prevent dehydration
one of the most common causes of activity-related injuries is
high impact
improvements in maximal oxygen uptake in older adults (as compared with younger adults) as a result of cardiorespiratory endurance training are
to participate in sports, it is recommended that you have
base fitness and sport-specific training
periodizatoin is a training approach that
uses a systematic variation in intensity and volume, helps enhance fitness and performance, is commonly used by athletes, helps prevent staleness and overtraining