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Collocation - Crime and punishment


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crime of passion
refers to a crime, especially murder, caused by sexual jealousy
(to) serve a prison sentence
to carry out confinement in prison as a punishment
(to) turn to crime
to start committing crimes
(to) be tough on crime
to punish crime severely
(to) contest the verdict
not agree with the decision of the jury after the trial of a case
(to) take into consideration
to think about a particular fact or detail and allow it to have some influence when you are making a decision
(to) reintegrate back into society
to restore someone through education or therapy
(to) be soft on crime
not to impose strictpunishments on offenders
a policy of zero tolerance
a policy of applying laws very strictly, so that every illegal action is punished, even if it is not very serious
a chance of rehabilitation
a chance of helping someone to have a normal life after serving a prison sentence
(to) embark on something
to start something new
(to) make a fresh start
to try something new after making mistakes in one's life
(to) act as a deterrent
a measure which makes somebody less likely to do something
(to) release back into society.
to give freedom to prisonerswho have finished their sentences.
corporal punishment
to punish by physically harming the offender
drug trafficking
importingand selling illegal drugs
a non-custodial sentence
a sentence which is not served in prison
(to) be found guilty
the court decided that the person did commit the crime
(the) full weight of the law
all the strictest punishments available according to the laws of a country.
(to) impose a ban on sth
to enforce an official rule which says that something is not allowed
(to) convict a criminal
to find an offender guilty and to punish them
law-abiding citizens
people who obey and respect the law
(to) enforce the law
to make sure that the law is obeyed
capital punishment
punishment by death
forensic evidence
connected with the scientific tests conducted by the police when investigating a crime
(to) instal surveillance cameras
to put cameras in a place where a crime is likely to be committed
(to) put on probation
to make a convicted person see an official at regular intervals to check on their good behavior, as an alternative to going to prison
(to) punish wrongdoers
to punish people who do something illegal
(to) arrest suspects
to stop and hold people who the police think may have committed a crime
(the) letter of the law
the exact wording of the law, without considering any excuses