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First Shah, corrupted by English Government, Originally wanted Republic


Againsts Shah's rule and later the Islamic Republic, works for the government, Father of Marji


Supports Communism, helped start a small country but later had to flee to Russia, Killed due to accusations of being a spy


Marji's friend, Father arrested by new government, forced to flee Iran with family


Son of a man who was part of the secret police (savak), tormented by Marji and friends


Protester against the Shah, imprisoned and tortured, freed but only to be killed by drowning in his own bathtub due to Guardians of the Revolution


Friend of Marji's, Father a fighter pilot who was killed during the Iran-Iraq conflict, wrote a letter for the class explaining her pain and sorrow


Friend of Marji's Mother, house destroyed by Iraq bombers, has two sons


Marji's Mother


Maid to the Satrapi's, feel in love with neighbor, but rejected due to her social class


Love interest of Satrapi's Maid, rejects her due to her lower social ranking

Mrs. Nasrine

Cleaning Lady for Marji's Uncle, son was to be conscripted into army by use of "Keys to Paradise"


Friend of Marji's Father, makes fake passports, forced to flee country to Turkey


Hiding from the government due to her communist beliefs, found and later raped and killed by Guardians of the Revolution


From the Baba-Levy's family, killed during a bomber run that blew up her house


Friend of Marji's Mother, was the person who was suppose to take care of Marji while she was in Austria

Gurdians of the Revolution

Member of the government who worked to enforce the law at any cost, oftenly brutally

Key's to Paradise

Plastic keys handed out to boy solidiers, which were said to give them access to heaven when they died

Kim Wilde and Iron Maiden

Two popular bands that Marji liked


A region that Marji's Uncle and friend "liberated" and worked to set up an independent government, however it was invaded and reclaimed by Iran

Tinossh's Dad

Neighbor of Marji's, found by the Guardians of the Revolution to be having a party and beat severally


A type of Drum played by Marji's Father during the party

Hospital Director

Former Window washer for Marji's Aunt, responsible for denying Marji's Uncle acess to England for Surgery


Suffered a heart attack, had to get open heart surgery but wasn't able to due to the Director of the Hospital forbidding it, Died, Uncle to Marji


Region where Marji's Mother friend lived, bombed by Iraqi's and destroyed

Karl Marx

Founder of Communism, seen in one of the comic series that Marji reads

Dialectic Materialism

Comic book that Marji read, features Karl Marx and Rene Descartes

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