26 terms

Final Review With Blanks Set 1

Axis Powers/ Leaders
Military alliance formed between Germany (____________-leader's last name) and Italy (____________-leader's last name), and later Japan (____________-leader's last name)
Allied Powers/ Leaders
________________ (country) (Franklin D. Roosevelt), ________________ (country) (Churchill), ________________ (country) (Chamberlain), and ________________ (country) (Stalin)
Palmer Raids
attempts by the Department of Justice to arrest and deport left-wing _____________, especially anarchists from the United States
giving in to an aggressor to avoid ________________
limits on any kind of goods
separation of people by category, usually race
Taft Hartley Act
law that weakened unions. Federal law allowed for the _______________ to monitor the activities and powers of the labor unions.
Mexican farm and railroad workers who came to the United States during ___________ (major world event) as a result of a U.S./Mexico agreement
Internment camps
While the US was at war with ________, the government rounded up all the Japanese Americans and moved them to detention centers away from the ________
Cold War Alliances
NATO was a military alliance formed between the US and Western European nations to combat the spread of _____________. ___________ was formed between the Soviet Union and other Eastern European nations in response to NATO.
Potsdam Conference
Conference at the end of WWII that resulted in the division of ___________ into four occupied zones.
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Husband and wife that were convicted of providing _________________ (country) with atomic-energy secrets during WWII.
____ Parallel
US and USSR divided Korea on this latitudinal line to create North and South Korea
Domino Theory
the idea that the rest of Asia would follow if _________ became Communist.
Gulf of ________Incident
an attack on US ships, which led to direct involvement of the US in the Vietnam War.
______ Offensive
Huge assault/ attack launched by the North Vietnamese against important South Vietnamese targets
when the Nixon withdrew US troops and turned over the war to the South Vietnamese
War _________ Act
reaffirmed Congress' constitutional power to declare war; set a 60-day limit on President's authority to commit US troops to serve in a foreign conflict
Satellite launched by the ______________ (country) , which started the space race
New Frontier
__________ (president's last name) plan to fix the economy and help the disadvantaged.
________ Society
Johnson's domestic plan that focused on poverty, Civil Rights, education, and healthcare
Organization of Petroleum ___________ (OPEC)
Alliance formed in 1960 by major oil producing countries to maintain high prices by controlling the production and sale of oil.
practical foreign policy advocated by ___________ (president's last name). The country should follow what is best for it regardless of human rights abuses.
Strategic _____________________ Talks (SALT)
Talks between U.S. president Nixon and Soviet leader Brezhnev that led to a treaty limiting the number of ICBM missiles each country could have
period in the 1970s when tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States eased.
Break-in at the ______________ headquarters, which led to a presidential scandal causing Nixon to resign.