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  1. Due ____________
  2. Whip ______________ Now (WIN)
  3. Veto
  4. Congress and President Amendments
  5. Republic
  1. a President Ford's slogan to gain support for anti-inflation programs
  2. b the ________________ (or executive's) privilege to reject something (a law)
  3. c a political system in which the citizens elect _________________ to make laws.
  4. d 17. _________ are directly elected by the people, not chosen by state governments; 22. President serves a maximum of ____________; 25. If president dies or resigned, the VP becomes president
  5. e Principle that the government must respect all the legal rights that are owed to a person under the law

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  1. 15. African American males were given the right to vote; 19. Women granted suffrage (voting rights); 24. ________ taxes were banned; 26. Lowered the voting age to _____
  2. 1. freedom of expression; 2. right to bear arms; 3. quartering of soldiers in peace time; 4. protection from illegal __________ and __________; 5. due process; 6. right to speedy _________; 7. right to trial by jury; 8. protection against cruel and unusual punishment; 9. rights granted to the people; and 10. rights granted to the states
  3. scandal in 1980s in which weapons were sold to Iran for the exchange of American __________
  4. Policy that establishes that one branch of government would need the approval of the other two branches to ensure a separation of power.
  5. Agreement by U.S. and Panamanian leaders in the 1970s to transfer control of the Panama Canal to Panama by the year ________

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  1. Sandra Day O'Connorfirst woman to serve as a _________________ Justice


  2. Social Control Amendments18. Prohibited the manufacture and sale of ____________; 21. Prohibition repealed


  3. Iran Hostage Crisisscandal in 1980s in which weapons were sold to Iran for the exchange of American __________


  4. Moral __________Fundamentalist Christian group that was part of the New Right. They advocated Conservative politics like creationist biology, prayer in school, anti-abortion, anti-equality for gays


  5. Clemencyshowing mercy or leniency towards a crime committed.