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  1. Republic
  2. Veto
  3. Ratify
  4. New Right
  5. Panama Canal Treaties
  1. a a political system in which the citizens elect _________________ to make laws.
  2. b the ________________ (or executive's) privilege to reject something (a law)
  3. c Conservative voter groups that grew in strength in the 80s.
  4. d to approve or pass a law
  5. e Agreement by U.S. and Panamanian leaders in the 1970s to transfer control of the Panama Canal to Panama by the year ________

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  1. President Reagan's economic program based on large tax cuts and less government regulation to encourage business investments.
  2. A situation taking place between 1979-1981, in which 52 American __________ were held hostage at the U.S. Embassy in Iran
  3. 18. Prohibited the manufacture and sale of ____________; 21. Prohibition repealed
  4. to officially forgive and erase the crimes someone has committed or is accused of committing.
  5. scandal in 1980s in which weapons were sold to Iran for the exchange of American __________

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  1. Moral __________Fundamentalist Christian group that was part of the New Right. They advocated Conservative politics like creationist biology, prayer in school, anti-abortion, anti-equality for gays


  2. ________ David AccordsPolicy that establishes that one branch of government would need the approval of the other two branches to ensure a separation of power.


  3. GlasnostSoviet policy established in the 1980s that promoted political openness and freedom of expression


  4. Clemencyshowing mercy or leniency towards a crime committed.


  5. ___________ and Balances1978 Peace agreement between Egypt and Israel negotiated by Carter


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