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Cattle Kingdom Vocabulary

Open range
unfenced lands
Range wars
violent disputes caused by the fencing of the open range
identification marks on livestock made by burning them with hot iron
Barbed wire
a type of fencing designed with a sharp point
Western Trail
a cattle trail that led from the Rio Grande valley in South Texas to Kansas
fresh horses that cowboys kept in reserve during a cattle drive
Goodnight-Loving Trail
a cattle trail that ran from Young Country in Texas through New Mexico to Colorado
a person who herds or cares for livestock on the range
cattle thieves
Cattle drives
herding of large groups of cattle from the open range market for sale
Sadalia Trail
a cattle trail from South Texas through Indian territory to Missouri
holding pen for livestock
devices that use wind power to pump water from underground to the surface
a breed of cattle that developed as Spanish breeds mixed with English cattle brought by the U.S. settlers
Texas Fever
cattle disease
Chisholm Trail
a cattle trail that ran North from San Antonio to Dodge City, Kansas