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Open range

unfenced lands

Range wars

violent disputes caused by the fencing of the open range


identification marks on livestock made by burning them with hot iron

Barbed wire

a type of fencing designed with a sharp point

Western Trail

a cattle trail that led from the Rio Grande valley in South Texas to Kansas


fresh horses that cowboys kept in reserve during a cattle drive

Goodnight-Loving Trail

a cattle trail that ran from Young Country in Texas through New Mexico to Colorado


a person who herds or cares for livestock on the range


cattle thieves

Cattle drives

herding of large groups of cattle from the open range market for sale

Sadalia Trail

a cattle trail from South Texas through Indian territory to Missouri


holding pen for livestock


devices that use wind power to pump water from underground to the surface


a breed of cattle that developed as Spanish breeds mixed with English cattle brought by the U.S. settlers

Texas Fever

cattle disease

Chisholm Trail

a cattle trail that ran North from San Antonio to Dodge City, Kansas

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