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3D Animation Part 1


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early animated cartoon did Winsor McCay complete?
Gertie the Dinosaur
Who is credited with developing the storyboard?
Walt Disney
Why did the public get tired of early cartoons?
No sound
Who developed the character of Felix?
Otto Messmer
The first animated superstar during the "Silent Era" was?
Felix the Cat
Who created and released the first color cartoon?
Walt Disney
What was a major animation innovation created by Disney?
What full length animated feature was released by Disney in 1937?
Snow White
Which view allows a user to view, track, dolly, and pan on all three axis?
Which view shows only a flat 2-axis view of a model?
What x,y,z system is used in most 3D software packages?
Cartesian coordinate system
The data file that contains the information, or geometry, needed to view or "render" a 3-D object is called.
A two-dimensional view of a 3D image is referred to as?
A wireframe is best described as?
A display technique that shows a geometric object as a collection of lines
The reference surface in a scene indicating the floor is called?
Ground plane
What is the coordinate of 0,0,0 in a 3D environment called?
What is a model?
A representation of a three-dimensional object
Moving the camera vertically and horizontally in relation to a scene is called?
Revolving the camera by varying the elevation and angles in the perspective view is called?
What is extrusion?
Creating a 3D object using a 2D template or extending a vertex, edge, or face from an object
A Boolean operation refers to?
The process of having one shape act upon another to combine, find the difference, or the intersection of the two shapes
Expanding the vertices and edges into a new face is an example of?
Lathe/Revolve refers to the process where?
A curve is rotated about an axis to create a surface
Assigning two or objects together, so that they can be moved, scaled, or rotated as one item is referred to as?
An element that is contained within another is called a?