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primary colors

red. blue.yellow

secondary colors

intermediate colors

colors between the primary and secondary colors

complementary colors

colors directly across from eachother
always a primary or secondary color

analogous colors

colors that are next to eachother on the color wheel

triadic colors

any three color combination that is evenly spaced on a triangle on the color wheel
example:red, blue and yellow

warm colors

orange reds and yellows
advance visually

cool colors

blue greens and purples
recede visually


a hue with white added to it to make it lighter
pink is a tint of red


a hue with a darker colro or black added to it to make it darker
brown is a shade of orange

monochromatic color scheme

a scheme involving on hue plus its tints and shades

polychromatic color scheme

a scheme involving many colors


allows light to pass through


does nto allow light to pass through

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