14 terms

Art Exam:Color Terms

primary colors
red. blue.yellow
secondary colors
intermediate colors
colors between the primary and secondary colors
complementary colors
colors directly across from eachother
always a primary or secondary color
analogous colors
colors that are next to eachother on the color wheel
triadic colors
any three color combination that is evenly spaced on a triangle on the color wheel
example:red, blue and yellow
warm colors
orange reds and yellows
advance visually
cool colors
blue greens and purples
recede visually
a hue with white added to it to make it lighter
pink is a tint of red
a hue with a darker colro or black added to it to make it darker
brown is a shade of orange
monochromatic color scheme
a scheme involving on hue plus its tints and shades
polychromatic color scheme
a scheme involving many colors
allows light to pass through
does nto allow light to pass through