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  1. n.1. A wall-like structure used as a defense .2. A person or thing that protects or defends.
  2. adj. Not easily made tired; tireless.
  3. adj. Happening or existing at the same time.
  4. v. To reach or bring to the highest point.
  5. n. 1. Any fact or event that can be observed or described. 2. An unusual fact, event, or person.

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  1. stipulatev. To reach or bring to the highest point.


  2. impregnableadj. Impossible to attack successfully.


  3. engulfv. To swallow up by covering completely; to overwhelm.


  4. onslaughtn. A fierce attack.


  5. havocn. 1. Widespread destruction or devastation. 2. Great confusion.