Ch. 8

study questions
The cell line HeLa was isolated from a
cancer cells
HeLa cells are
cervical cancer
Henrietta Lack died of
half the number of chromosomes than the parent cell carries
After meiosis, resulting daughter cells are likely to contain
sexual reproduction
Meiosis is the basis of
sperm and egg cells
Meiosis produces
the chromosome number stays the same
In mitosis,
the S stage
DNA is replicated during
G1, S, and G2
Which of the following represents the complete stages of interphase?
the G1 stage
The event directly before the beginning of DNA replication is
Cells with two of each kind of chromosome are described by the term
The spindle apparatus is made of
The spindle apparatus appears during
breakdown of the nuclear envelope
Which of the following occurs in prophase?
Chromosomes are aligned at the middle of the cell during
metaphase and anaphase (I & III)
In which of the following stages does each chromosome consist of two DNA molecules?
Sister chromatids detach from one another and become visibly separate chromosomes during
The chromosomes are moving to opposite sides of the cell during
Nuclear membranes re-forms during
In what phase of the cell cycle does a typical cell spend most of its life?
In what part of the cell cycle does an actively dividing cell produce the proteins necessary for mitosis?
In what part of the cell cycle are most of our body cells?
In which of the following part or parts of the life cycle are duplicated chromosomes NOT connected to each other?
a contractile ring and ATP molecules
Which of the following is (are) essential for cleavage during cell division in animal cells?
Which of the following organisms employs a cell plate in cell division
a cell plate partitions the cytoplasm
Which of the following is NOT an event in cell division in animals?
more than one of these is NOT an event of plant cell division
Which of the following is NOT an event of plant cell division?
An accumulation of cells that divide uncontrollably is known as
Abnormal cell division that does not pose a threat to surrounding tissues are termed
The spread of cancer cells from one site to others in the body is know as
a mutated gene that results in tumors
An oncogene is
normal genes that promote mitosis
Prot-oncogenes are
adhesion proteins
What is NOT functional in malignant neoplasms that is functional in benign neoplasms?
produces clones
Asexual reproduction
results in new combination of genetic traits
Sexual reproduction
Alternative or different forms of the same gene are called
less genetic diversity in offspring
Which of these is a disadvantage of asexual reproduction?
fit all of these descriptions
Homologous chromosomes
four haploid cells
Meiosis in a diploid organism typically results in the production of
prophase I
During which phase of meiosis will the chromosomes appear as a unit of four chromatids?
prophase I
The pairing of chromosomes and crossing over occur during
metaphase I
Paired homologous chromosomes are found at the center of the cell during
cytoplasmic division
Which of the following does NOT occur in prophase I of meiosis?
anaphase II
Sister chromatids are separated from each other during ____ of meiosis
it results in geneticc similarities
Which of the following is NOT true about crossing over of meiosis?f
The first cell of a new individual that is the result of sexual reproduction is a
In mitosis, if a parent cell has 12 chromosomes, each daughter cell will have how many chromosomes?
Which of the following is the proper sequence for mitosis?