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  1. Natural Frequency
  2. Electromagnet
  3. Silver, copper, gold, aluminum, and iron
  4. Diffuse Reflection
  5. Longitudinal
  1. a The frequency at which a system naturally oscillates
  2. b A magnet created by electric current flowing in wires.
  3. c Sound is a __________ wave.
  4. d The scattering of light into many directions off a non-shiny surface
  5. e Good Conductors

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  1. A ratio that gives a measure of a material's ability to bend light
  2. The length of one complete cycle of a wave.
  3. The amount of time it takes to repeat one cycle
  4. A material that easily carries electrical current
  5. The pattern of pressure, brightness, amplitude, or other wave characteristics that comes from adding more than one wave of the same kind.

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  1. VoltsUnits for voltage


  2. Primary Subtractive ColorsRed, green, and blue


  3. Circuit DiagramFormed when light rays are bent. (Cannot be projected on a screen)


  4. ResistanceThe measure of an objects ability to conduct electrical current; measured in Ohms


  5. Formula to calculate the speed of a waveSpeed= Frequency × Wavelength