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  1. Closed Circuit
  2. Generator
  3. Circuit Diagram
  4. Polarized
  5. Absorption
  1. a The decrease in the amplitude of a wave as it passes through a material and loses energy
  2. b Light in which the oscillations of the electric field of the wave are of the same orientation
  3. c A device that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy using the law of induction
  4. d A schematic drawing of an electric circuit
  5. e A circuit in which there is a complete path for current to flow

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  1. A formula that says the current flowing in a circuit is the voltage divided my the resistance
  2. The shift in frequency caused by the relative motion of the sound source and observer
  3. Units for power
  4. 343 meters per second
  5. Formed when light rays are bent. (Cannot be projected on a screen)

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  1. Electric MotorA machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy


  2. Natural FrequencyThe number of cycles per second; measured in Hertz (Hz)


  3. ReflectionThe bending of a wave as it travels across a boundary


  4. Alternating CurrentPlastic, air, glass windows


  5. WavelengthThe length of one complete cycle of a wave.