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  1. Static Electricity
  2. Longitudinal Waves
  3. Lightning
  4. Resistance
  5. Constructive Interference
  1. a Occurs when waves add up to make a larger amplitude
  2. b A wave whose oscillations are in the same direction as the wave travels
  3. c Greatest speed attainable in nature
  4. d The measure of an objects ability to conduct electrical current; measured in Ohms
  5. e A buildup of either positive or negative charge; consists of isolated motionless charges, like those produced by friction

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  1. Light is a ___________ wave.
  2. The shift in frequency caused by the relative motion of the sound source and observer
  3. A type of wave with oscillations that are perpendicular to the direction the wave travels
  4. A schematic drawing of an electric circuit
  5. The difference in the voltage across an electrical device that has current flowing through it.

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  1. Primary Additive ColorsA machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy


  2. Closed CircuitA circuit in which there is a break so that current cannot flow.


  3. DiffractionWave bends around an object or through holes in the object


  4. Ohm's LawA formula that says the current flowing in a circuit is the voltage divided my the resistance


  5. PolarizedMirrors, opposite of transparent