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  1. Reverberation
  2. Static Electricity
  3. Longitudinal
  4. Electrons
  5. Cycle
  1. a A buildup of either positive or negative charge; consists of isolated motionless charges, like those produced by friction
  2. b Multiple echos of sound caused by reflections of sound building up and blending together
  3. c Unit of oscillation that repeats over and over
  4. d Sound is a __________ wave.
  5. e Electric currents consists of moving __________

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  1. The decrease in the amplitude of a wave as it passes through a material and loses energy
  2. The bottom or lowest points on a wave
  3. The scattering of light into many directions off a non-shiny surface
  4. Wave bounces and goes in a new direction.
  5. The number of cycles per second; measured in Hertz (Hz)

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  1. AmpsUnits for current


  2. Virtual ImageFormed when light rays are bent. (Cannot be projected on a screen)


  3. LightningGreatest speed attainable in nature


  4. FuseUnit of oscillation that repeats over and over


  5. Voltage DropThe difference in the voltage across an electrical device that has current flowing through it.