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Ch. 16-17 Multiple Choice

The potlatch ceremony was used by the people of the Northwest as a way to ___.
Display personal wealth
The purpose of the Iroquois League was to _____.
Promote joint defense and cooperation among tribes.
The Maya based their calendar on careful observations of _____.
The planets, sun and moon
The Toltecs were all of the following EXCEPT____.
The ancestors of the Aztecs.
The Inca Expanded quickly under the leadership of _____.
The main demand that the Incan state placed on its subjects was the mita, which was a tribute of____.
The Renaissance was a rebirth of____.
Art and learning
The study of classical texts caused humanists to focus on what subject?
Human potential and achievements.
For what is the Medici family famous?
For being rulers and supporters of the arts.
What were Desiderius Erasmus and Thomas More?
Christian humanists
What was the 1st full size book Gutenberg printed?
The Bible
In what way did Leonardo da Vinci represent the Renaissance man?
He was a painter, sculptor, inventor, and scientist.
Luther protested the practice of selling indulgences. What was that practice?
The clergy sold pardons that released ppl from performing penalties for their sins.
Who declared himself the head of the English Church?
Henry VII
What was one of John Calvin's major teachings?
Who was the important Catholic Reformer who founded the Jesuit order?
Ignatius of Loyola
The followers of John Knox became known as___.
Predestination was one of the main doctrines of ____.
The founder of the religious order known as the Jesuits was ___.
Ignatius of Loyola
The education of children and missionaries was the principal goal of __.
the Jesuits
The council of Trent agreed that ___.
the Church's interpretation of the Bible is final
Renaissance painters in Flanders, as in Italy, tended to produce work that was ___.
In greek, the word Utopia means ___.
"no place"
The 1st use of moveable type was in ___.
The printing press was invented by ___.
Johann Gutenberg
Which of the following correctly matches author with something he wrote?
Thomas More and Utopia
Tikal was the name of an important Maya ___.
Glyphs were used for ___.
the Maya writing system
An early Maya most probably would have used a codex ___.
to keep track of important historical events
The Popol Vuh is a Maya story about the ___.
creation of the world
The decline of the Maya occurred ___.
several hundred years before the Spanish arrived in the Americas
In Incan tradition, the allyu was ___.
the small-group structure used for communitywork projects
The decline of the Incan Empire can be traced to a ___.
struggle between rivals for the Incan throne