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Sherlock holmes

Likes to correct people, man on the tor, cocky, foil to watson, observant, solves case


Holmes foil, goes to Baskerville hall, deduces that Barrymore is signaling someone


Sir c friend and doctor, trustee of estate, finds out who Laura Lyons is, left walking stick at Baker Street


Story of hugo Baskerville, warning and curse

Sir charles

Sir c, died on walk on moor, killed by staple ton, very charitable


America, next of kin, being followed when arrives, boot is stolen, led on by miss s, targeted for murder


Killed sir c to inherit estate, used LL, died when trying to escape, naturalist, man in the carriage, really a Baskerville

Miss stapleton

Miss s, stapletons wife, warns henry to leave, from Costa Rica, cared about Sir Henry, told Holmes of mine on moor

Mr Frankland

Neighbor, sees Cartwright going to man on tor, loves telescope


Butler and house keeper, helps and signals selden, worked for Sir Charles for a long time


Notting hill murderer, killed on moor when wearing henrys clothes, Barrymorres brother in law


Sir cs brother, died in central america


Messenger boy, helps Holmes when on tor


221 baker street, London, 1889


Shot at end, huge, glowing


1- legend, 2- letter at hotel to sir h, 3- beryls conversation with Henry, 4- Beryl's conversation with Watson

Sir Arthur conan doyle

Author, born in Edinburgh, 1st novel published in strand magazine

Laura Lyons

arranged to meet with Sir Charles night of death; needed $ to divorce husband; got $ from Stapleton; in love with Stapleton

Coombe Tracey

where Laura Lyons lives

Inspector Lestrade

back up for Holmes

Merripit House

where Stapletons live

Baskerville Hall

a great house in Devonshire; where Sir Henry now lives

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