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Wave Erosion

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2 things that amount of wave erosion depend on
1.) Composition of shoreline material
2.) Force of the waves
How waves cause erosion
Pounding, Abrasion, Dissolving some materials, and currents (longshore)
Features of waves
Crest, trough, wavelength, fetch, period, wave speed, and breakers
The length of open water over which wind can blow
Time from one crest to the next
Wave Speed
Wave length divided by the wave period
Depth= 1/2 of wave length
Sea stacks
remnants of sea cliff
Wave-cut platform
Sea caves
Notched cliffs
Sea cliffs
A sharp cliff by the sea
Exposed terrace
type of sandbar-attached at one end to the shore
Baymouth bar
sandbar that is attached at both ends
Strip of sand that leads from a small island to the mainland
Barrier islands
very long sandbar that parallels the coast
Regular (Coastline shape)
(Straightened) Often "emergent" rising out of the sea (tectonic plate boundary)
Irregular (Coastline shape)
Lots of bays, inlets, rocks, often "submergent", drowned by a rise in sea level (fjords)