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Who is the narrator?

First person

what is the pint of view of the story?

Nick Carraway

Explain how Nick's family got their money?

his grandfather's brother who sent someone to go to the civil war and started the wholesale ware house

How does Nick daisy and Tom?

a) daisy- she was his second cousin
b) Tom- met him in college

To what is Daisy's voice compared?

She leaned slightly forward conscientious expression. ( music)

How does Daisy initially react to the first phone call?

She ignore

How does Daisy react to the second phone call?

throw the napkin on the table and went inside argue with Tom

What does Daisy say she hopes her daughter will be?

She wants to be beautiful so she went to many wealthy man.

How does Daisy and jordan know each other?

They met in louisville

What judgement does Nick make about Gatsby?

He is like all the atheist and think they own everything including stars

What are the " eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg" Literally?


What do the billboard symbolize?

The eyes of God

What is George B. Wilson's occupation?

He is mechanic

Who says: " neither of them can stand the person they're married to"


Why would Tom lie to Myrtle about Daisy's being catholic, prevent their divorce?

Tom told her sister that he really likes Myrtle but he wants to have a affair with Daisy without divorcing her.

What cause Tom and Myrtle to fight around midnight?

Myrtle think she has to say Daisy name

How does the get together in the New York apartment highlight the theme of the American dream?

They think there's consequences and show complete selfish the attitude of this society.

Nick has lived next to Gatsby for months. He never goes to one of Gatsby parties before. What does that tell us about Gatsby?

He was raise with manner and mortal

Gatsby says " the honor would be entirely " his if Nick attended his " little party." What does this say about Gatsby and his character?

Gatsby was humble

What adjective does Nick use to describe Gatsby's handwriting?

showing impressive beauty hand.

What happened to Lucille's dress at the last party she attended at Gatsby's house?

she torn her own dress up.

When Gatsby bought Lucille gown and send it to her what does that tell us about Gatsby?

He was genuine and take care all the guest and hes a proper gentlemen.

Why are they suspicious of Gatsby's behavior?

There not used to be around the gentlemen

Why dont they take the time to find out if any of this is true?

a) Create mystery to meet there ideal of Gatsby
b) To much of the effort to find the truth

About what is this man most surprised?

The book are real

what does this astonishment say about the society of what time?

All society of face value nothing or show of this society

Fitzgerald uses satire in this scene. what harsh social criticism does he offer about the people and life in the jazz age?

Very cruel criticism that suggest the meaning of life by drinking and party to escape among them

Describe Gatsby's smile?

a) It understand you just as far as you wanted to be understood
b) Believe in you as you would like to believe in yourself
c) assured you that it precisely the impression of you
d) at your best
e) you hope to convey

What does Gatsby continually call Nick?

Old sport

Jordan is not the only woman with whom Nick had a relationship with. who was the other one?

the girl from accounting

what was the scandal in which Jordan was involve?

she lied and move her ball

How does Nick describe jordan's driving

careless and rotten

What does Nick define as one of his cardinal virtues?


What is Gatsby's legal name?

James Gatz

Where is he from?

North Dakota

Who created Jay Gatz?

Jay Gatz himself

What does Dan Cody's yacht represent to Gatz?

the wealth that Gatsby want and glamour in the world.

What does Cody leave to Gatsby?

The wealth that Gatsby wants, ( 15 thousand dollars)

What does Gatsby reveal to Tom about his wife?

He knew her

What three valuable messages do we learn about the elite " old" money and Gatsby?

a) old money mean spiritual heartless
b) shows Gatsby naively and free value and respect other do the same and trust them
c) No matter how much money he has old money will never except him

Why does Nick take care of Gatsby's funeral?

Nobody gonna do it and Nick was his friend. He4 felt like that Gatsby deserve it.

Who does Nick call almost immediately after they find Gatsby? Why?

He called Daisy and because he felt she does loves him and he just wanted to know

What does Nick reassure Gatsby about?

" I will got someone for trust me i will"

Gatsby says: As he looks at Nick with " unmoved eyes", What does Gatsby seem to say to Nick?

" look here, old sport, you've got to get somebody for me. You've got to try hard. I cant go through this alone."

why is this statement ironic?

He been alone until he realize he was alone since Daisy not coming.

from where does Gatsby's father is from?

Henry C. Gatz

How did he hear of his son's death?

Chicago newspaper

What does Mr. Gatz call Gatsby?

Jimmy, My boy, and son

What does James Gatz's childhood schedule show us?

Even at the young age he was abolishes and tries to be a better person

Who says: That fellow had it coming to him. He threw dust into your eye just like he did in Daisy's


what do they allow other people to do?

to clean up there messes

Why was Gatsby grasping in the past?

Its already in the past.

What is gatsby's legal name

James Gatz

Where is he from

North Dakota

what does the yatch represent to gatsby

The wealth that Gatsby wants in life

What does Cody give Gatsby?

15 thousand dollar

what does reveal to Gatsby reveal to Tom about his wife?

He knew her

****what are three messages about elite old money and gatsby?

a) old money spiritual heartless
b) show Gatsby naivety of his face value and trust them
c) No matter how much money he has old money will never except hiim.

what advice did Nick tells Gatsby about the past?

You could never repeat the past.

What night Gatsby stuck forever

where he fell in love with daisy

Gatsby replace his servant with who?

Wolfshiem's people

What does Daisy do as soon Tom leaves the room

She kisses Gatsby full at mouth

why does Daisy says to Gatsby that she loves him?

To make him comfortable amd make him feel reassure

Why does he act surprise when he saw Daisy's daughter?

He could never picture Daisy have a kid with Tom

who says this quote " i cant say anything old sport"


daisy voice is full of what according to Gatsby?


what color is tom car when he stop for gas?


what have wilson discover about his wife?

she was having affair

how are tom and wilson similar?

both of them having there wife cheating on them

who is watching Tom, Nick, Jordan and wilson?


Who is Myrtle really watching?


who is she believe this person is?


why is this ironic when Tom lecture about family and institutions?

He was above everyone

what make Gatsby Confuse about daisy love for him.

He doesnt understand how Daisy can fall in love with two people at the same time

how does Fitzgerald describe Gatsby's dream


****How is the word dead appropriate to the story?

because Tom lost Daisy

how is the car describe in the newspaper?

death car

*****Tom hates Gatsby because Gatsby has affair with his wife and killed his girlfriend. What is the reason behind tom hatred

has a adversity old many group

who was driving the car when outside the Buchanan house?


Why does Gatsby takes the blame for the accident

He doesn't want her gets in trouble

What is symbolc about Daisy coming to the window at 4 am, looking out at Gatsby, and then turning out the light?

she wants to end the relationship with Gatsby

what increases Daisy value Gatsby eye?

many man loved her

what was the different about the weather when daisy told Gatsby she moved on?

it was colder

How was changing weather are significant?

represent the turning point and the climax of the story

Who says " there a rotten crowd,"........." your worth the whole damn bunch put together"


Who says " you ought to have a church, George, for times like this"


Who was God according to Wilson?

T.J. Eckleburg

what does wilson do to Gatsby?

he shot Gatsby

what did wilson do after that?

he shot himself

what is the ironic about Gatsby death?

he used his own thing as enjoyment and got killed

Why is this a welcomed end for Gatsby

He could not live in the world without Daisy

Why did nick take care of Gatsby funeral

Nobody else going to do it and he was his friend

who does nick called after nick finds Gatsby


what does nick reassure Gatsby about?

" i will get someone foe you, trust me i will

" look here, old sport, you've got to get somebody for me. you've got to try hard.. I can't go through this alone." why is this ironic

because he was always alone

who was Gatsby dad?, where is he from?, how did he here about Gatsby death?, what does Mr, Gatz called him by?

a) Henry Gatz
b) Minnesota
c) Chicago Newspaper
d) jimmy, my son, and my boy

what does wolfshiem say nick friendship

" let us show our friendship alone and not when he is dead

What does james Gatz childhood schedule show us

at the young age he was ambitious and wanted to be a better person

who says: " That fellow had it coming to him. He threw dust into your eyes just like he did in daisy


What does Tom and Daisy allow other people to do?

clean up there messes

what does rain represent when Daisy went to Nick house for Tea?

1) climax
2) new beginning
3) washing the old with the new

what does the colors of Gatsby clothes represent

White: purity of his love for Daisy and his naivety and his belief and his fantasy world come to life

what does Gatsby emotional state before Daisy arrive at Nicks house

He was nervous

What is the significant about the value about the clock on the mantel?

Trapped his love for Daisy, mental and emotionally his function in his real world

How long did it take him to make the money to buy the mansion?

3 years

how does Gatsby contradict his past in telling Nick the time it took to earn his money for his house?

he was inherited his money

what two business does Gatsby say he was in to regain his fortune

drug and oil

what does the setting of Gatsby's bedroom say about him?

Gatsby has became each day to the outside world.

what does the green light symbolize before he obtained his dream?

a) money
b) hope
c) envy
d) youth

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