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Past Continuous and Past Simple


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was watching
I (watch) TV when she called.
When the phone (ring), she was writing a letter.
were having
While we (have) the picnic, it started to rain
were you doing
What (you, do) when the earthquake started?
didn't hear
I was listening to my iPod, so I (not hear) the fire alarm.
You were not listening to me when I (tell) you to turn the oven off.
was sleeping
As John (sleep) last night, someone stole his car.
was waiting
Sammy (wait) for us when we got off the plane.
While I was writing the email, the computer suddenly (go) off.
What were you doing when you (brake) your leg?
was studying
While I (study), she called
were driving
At midnight, we _ still _ (drive) through the desert.
was sitting
Yesterday at this time, I (sit) at my desk at work
Last night at 6 PM, I (eat) dinner.
(I started eating at 6 PM.)
was eating
Last night at 6 PM, I (eat) dinner.
(I didn´t start eating at 6 PM)
was studying
I (study) while he was making dinner.
were waiting
What were you doing while you (wait)?

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